Are we the DISABLED

Glad that you didn’t join the competitive world. It is good for you.

My mental illness is pretty debilitating. If it wasn’t for the med’s I could dig ditches. There is a factory not far away offering good wages and benefits for employment, but I couldn’t handle the temperatures there because of the med’s. It’s frustrating. If I could work there I could have a lot more money.

Is the temperature too extreme, too high or too low?


See but I wish I had known that it was a choice. That there is more room in this world to be oneself than what most of us are “trained” for as kids in school. My parents have said that their biggest regret regarding me is not having realized until the damage was done that there were other alternatives to the system that was destined to fail me.

Too high in the summer time. I might could do it if it wasn’t for the high temperatures in the summer, but I can’t tell an employer I can only work for him nine months of the year.

Do you mean the world has changed the way you think, feel and behave?
Was that the damage?

Maybe the employer does. Short-term.
Why don’t you ask?

I could check. I doubt if he would, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Also, there are problems of transportation. The job is thirty miles away, and I don’t have a car. I would hate to give up my disability check and then have this job not work out. The job pays $13.20 an hour with benefits, and for this area that is very good. The cost of living is low. To me, this is a great opportunity, but I don’t think it will work out.

I don’t have that much more to go. I did most of it with some symptoms. I don’t know how I did it.
Good luck. I know you’ll do well. It helps to organize your thoughts posting on here.

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So I understand your dilemma. It must have you secured the interview and landed the job as permanent staff, then is only safe to give up disability cheque (social welfare?).
Please act wisely.

thats true, i think posting on here takes the ‘Dis’ out of disabled lol, it helps me to make sense of things, so whats your degree on?


Ever watched a toddler play with those shapes that go into their corresponding holes? It’s a common toddlers play set. They don’t always find the corresponding hole for the shape they have in their hand but they’ll try and force it into the um…incorrect place anyway. Looking back I feel like I was the shape toy and the school system (both private and public) the toddler. I wasn’t exactly being pushed into the corresponding hole.

I probably could have found a more normal way of conveying this feeling but there you have it. That is how I felt. The damage was to my self esteem…like a lot for no real reason and so I rebelled in a mostly self destructive way.

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Art History, it’s really a liberal arts degree.

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Also, the job might not be secure. Employers these day can be pretty heartless. They look out for their bottom line, which is what they’re supposed to do.

Yes, profit is everything. On second thought, it might not be suitable for us?

For me, the major allure of the job is that I would have a lot more money, but I just don’t think I can risk it.

apparently i can still claim disability benefits while working which is a bonus, just can’t claim the income support


I was once told by an employer that referring customers to the competitor when they couldn’t find a particular product was being…too honest.

But man did it make an impression on the customers.

You are the best person to decide. Maybe it is sufficient already to have your disability cheque?

I heard that the social welfare in the UK is very good.
Even the Income Support is higher than my monthly salary cheque.