Are you disabled?

The majority of people with schizophrenia are disabled and can’t work. Schizophrenia is very disabling. Maybe a larger amount of people on this site can work. I think the most disabled people with schizophrenia would be unlikely to be using this site. I am disabled.


I am on SSDI and I cannot work either.

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Disabled sounds more fit for a physical term. Poor cognitive skills is more like it

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I don’t work either but many folk here move on and go out and have lives never to return.

When you consider the people who use this site are probably 1% of 1% it just shows some things. Yeah many do poorly but a large part of our community survive or get by. It’s shitty any way you look at it…

Disabled is a harsh word. I don’t work but do volunteer. I can’t work like I used too but I do live a realized life as best I can. I’m not unhappy and enjoy life to the fullness I can.

That to me is winning in some form. I see a lot of people working and they aren’t as happy as I am in life! Just saying!


No schizophrenia is a true disability.


u could probably do janitorial work, its pretty mellow, do evenings

I am lucky as I work at a company where my mum, aunt and two cousins work also. I disclosed my illness to HR. I have been hospitalised about four times in the last two years and when released I go straight back to work. I think the stress from it has caused these admissions and tablet problems which is why I only work four days a week now.

For me personally, I hate it when I am off as I do not know what to do with myself and with no distractions. I used to have friends and play video games before but I have none of that now. All I do in my three spare days is drink coffee smoke cigarettes listen to music and go to appointments.


No thanks. 1515

theres the problem right there.

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It’s got nothing to do with laziness. You are clueless.

Please explain then.

I ain’t explaining nothing to you. I don’t owe you an explanation.


lol jeez la weez sensitive topic here.


I have been medically unable to work for over three years. I am in the final stages of getting my disability and all my doctors have been very supportive of me doing this.

One day I would like to work, at the moment I am unable too. I need to focus on getting better and finding a good mix of medication, and learning more coping strategies.


I’m going to be a millionaire and travel around the world in my jet


I’m not disabled


I’m not disabled currently, but I’m also a student only working part time. lol

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That sounds super hard. I would have a very hard time going to school, not to mention having to work as well.

I hate people. Not good with them. The only way I could go to school again is if it was online. Even a short amount of social interaction leaves me completely drained, I usually need at least a day to recover.


It took me two years to get my aged care certificate and I paid for it myself.

I was truly wanting to get away from centrelink and be independent in person and body.

I truly can not work.

I tried .

Someone else goes in my body sometimes and I can’t speak nor do things as such …

Hysterical and intense raging and my body stiffens into fit like things and I suffer and can not function as I want…

I do have delusions and paranoia.
Even against disabled people.

I tried volunteering and same thing thefe.

I was pushed to do a house keeping course and was not well enough and was hospitalised shortly after.

I finally had my disability pension approved which helps me very much.

I do want to serve my country and community etc but I do what I do.

I believe my existence can serve .

I assist my boyfriend sometimes and do some good things.

I bake cake for volunteer firefighters sometimes and try to do good things.

I take care of our pets and home.

My mum does not understand.

She refuses to accept my diagnosis of schizophrenia given to me by over seven psychiatrists.

She thinks I can do more studying and work and even open my own business.

She does not know how I get…

How I suffer and do my best.

The other woman who raised me seems to understand more and possibly even my father.

I truly wanted to work but I can’t.

Taking care of us and home etc is what I do.

I hope to get a contact person I can talk too aswell.

I made a delicious lasagne…
It served several people and even vegan ate it…

Do dishes etc


I hate people, too. I work part-time for a professor. It’s 10 hours a week at the most, but I say I work 10/week because that’s what they require to pay for my tuition.