Do you feel disabled?

I bet this has been asked here before but allow me please to ask you it again?

sometimes I feel almost “well” and then I realize the difference between me and that beautiful “wellness” is a disability factor. I AM disabled mentally and even a little emotionally. I want to face up to this tragedy that happened to me even though it was so long ago that it started and learn to live better with it.

maybe facing the challenges we live with is better than pretending it isn’t real and that we can do as we wish as well people are able to. maybe when we stop to figure how to get around the disability we can better enrich our lives.

I am excited about getting started. maybe my disability will go away maybe it won’t. but in the meanwhile, I am facing it square on.



sometimes and sometimes not, there are days when i just want the day to pass and days when im really happy.last week i got suicdle thoughts for a few days when im like that i feel disabled and when im having a good day i think everyone else are mad (which they are of course lol)

Yes i do feel disabled.

Not illogical or at fault for feeling that way either.

I feel disabled because I have a disability, it all makes sense

My dear friend, I am not sure about meaning of disabled; I was looking up this word in dictionarys English-Spanish; If you talk about incapacity to perfom some job or to have “normal life”, I will agree with you. I must accept that I have limitations so this is difficult for me. However, nowadays, I can perform several activities like a “normal person” and I hope that someday I can have a life almost “normal”.
I hope that you are fine.

Beyond my two rooms, yes. I am disabled at home, but I don’t Feel it.

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For the past twenty years I have not been able to lead the life that i’ve wanted to lead due to symptoms of mental illness. It has taken many years for me to face it, but I have come to recognize that I am disabled by my condition.

I don’t feel entitled to say i have an illness. Always worried what others may think…

I do feel that I’m behind and I do feel that some stuff others do so easily will take me forever. When I hit a challenge like that, I do feel disabled. Though I don’t like to use that word. I say I’m challenged… Or just mentally ill.

My therapist and I were discussing self-defeating language and how helpless talk will start to become helpless attitude. I don’t want to be helpless.

I KNOW I need help, but needing help and being helpless are two different things… aren’t they?

Still pondering. :coffee: :coffee:


I refuse to believe I am disabled by this illness. Even though the episode was a setback, life has gotten much better for me in comparison to how I was before diagnosis. I used to keep myself to myself, did not like going out at all. But all that has changed.


yes,i am disabled by my disease…i hate it…

Probably my low self confidence, inability to focus and remember and depression makes me disabled the most. Hallucinations have subsided though. Overall I feel mentally and socially challenged. Disabled enough to be disabled.

Not disabled, just redirected to a different style of existence… A VERY challenging existence that prevents me from doing things that normal people do…

…I think I just defined disabled in my own words there huh?


Then yes.


I try to compete with other folk on an even keel!

I take my medications and am extremely pro medications and improvement but often I suffer when it compares to other folk!

I sleep, on average, 12 hours a day, and often have naps…I find working too hard and stressfull and get paranoid really quick when it comes to competing with a normal person! I like to get up early…at 5am or later so to see the sunrise…that is hard if your going to bed at 6pm at night when most folks are just winding down!

It’s problematic on these medications for me over here…Provigil isn’t available to consumers like me so lethargy and medications is just what you do!

I am on a disability pension over here in Australia and that isn’t an issue. I can’t work fulltime- it is just too hard for me on these medications and work is a big stumbling block but…

I don’t work but I volunteer for my cricket club! It’s a miles away but I do a couple of hours a week and it gets me out of the house and gives me something to do!~ I think that is important!

Yes…I’d say I’m disabled over most normal folk…I don’t have the energy. I don’t have the same thought process that is normal to do well in this world but with that I still am a valid member who does what they can with all the problems I have…positives are no dramas…negatives make my life hell

A friend in the struggle,