Are we the DISABLED


Precisely, are we one of them… :question:

yes i am disabled according to my government only its a mental disability not a physical one

it sure feels like it some days! But I am grateful that it is my brain not my legs that doesn’t work properly. At least I can walk!

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Same here. :disappointed:

Yes. :walking: :walking:

I technically get a pension now rather than disability check. It’s on the basis of disability so yeah I’m still considered disabled.

My sister’s boyfriend is disabled though, he only has one leg, but he does more than I do. He’s a sponsored athlete who skateboards, snowboards and mountain bikes. Technology is really doing wonders to change the lives of the physically disabled let me tell you.

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The disabled label? I’ll take it if it’ll get me special parking at my tailgating school! :slight_smile:

Oh, and the money is not so bad either.

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When the goings get tough, the tough gets going.

The special parking IMO is only for persons with physical disablility.
Social welfare. Yes.

It is. It’s just that parking is so far off at the school I’ll be going back to in the Spring. :frowning:

Just curious to know: Are you student or teacher?

What’s wrong with the lower left part of that second image? It’s all just a blur to me. :smiling_imp:

It is a Sign Language.

the Deaf, the Blind.

Hehe, I was talking about “The Circle Game” as some call it.

My friends and family play it but it just has to be below the victim’s chin.

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This is a new game for me.

Well, I got you. :punch:


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I am a student. I am finishing my bachelor’s degree.


i admire people with severe mental incapacities who are doing things like that, a bachelors degree like wow, i am only going to be doing an intro to counselling soon (i hope) if i pass this interview tomorrow that is.

I don’t think of myself as disabled though and if I am in anyway it’s not due to experiencing sz symptoms. I mean I was incapacitated by anxiety and depersonalization long before my onset of this illness. I tried working, I really did. I got my first real job when I was 14 and made a concerted effort to hold down jobs throughout my teens.

Sometimes I feel like a lot of the disadvantages and disillusionment I faced in both worlds of school and work weren’t even caused by what are even necessarily negative traits. I always felt so lost having not one ounce of competitiveness in such a competitive world as the school system or the job market. I was always being told to go out there and “sell myself” or expected to care whether I got a D or an A on a test. Yes I could see a crazy world out there long before my half hearted but repeated attempts to find a place in it.

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