Are we actually in hell?


I always wonder this and it’s really getting me today. Is this my own personal hell? Are you guys even real?


Yes I am definitely real. But then again I could just be programmed to say that. Trust me I had the same beliefs. I’m sorry you’re having this belief. You just gotta accept this reality even if it is a “dream” or some other belief that it is not real. But I can assure you I am conscious too. And you gotta accept people as conscious beings to succeed the best you can in this “hell”. Yesterday was hell for me but today is great. Although I believe there is a heaven that is greater than this. Maybe this is purgatory. Maybe it is hell for some. But if you go through hell and abide by God’s rules you will surely go to heaven. That’s what I believe. I’m not saying that for you but for me, not trying to brainwash you but just saying what I believe. You could tell people to eat dirt and I will still be living in my fantasy of a heaven after I die. Thanks.


I don’t believe you, but then, I wouldn’t if I were delusional. You don’t know that you are real. I don’t know that I am real.


No, you’re not in hell, it’s just that this is a shitty illness and life can be hard at times. And yes, we’re real.

A friend of mine told me once that he thought everything was just a dream or made up in his head. I told him that if he’s the one controlling things and I’m in his head then he better start giving me some good ■■■■ and giving me the easy life. :smile:


I don’t think that you are all in my head, I think you are a creation. Something made by someone for the purpose of tricking me, but, why go through all that effort?


I go through this ■■■■ too. Maybe your programmed to start this thread just to get to me. Lol solipsism continues.


Sometimes this tears at my core… The thought that my family could be fake is devastating. I cry for hours.


I think Hell is largely a state of mind.


That statement is irrelevant.


@samples32 I used to believe I was in hell on earth too. I was delusional and so are you now. Please seek help and better meds?


This belief goes away with time and proper medication. I think that’s a pretty assuring statement to say.


It takes a special kind of vanity to believe that everyone else is an automaton of your own mind.


Every individual serves themselves and this is a selfish illness.


@jukebox I am seeing the pdoc on the 15th. I can go up on my meds at my leisure, perhaps I should.


Try not to dwell on such things. It is just a self torture game. I know how hard it can be to resist such thoughts, but try not to think that way. You need to find a way to divert yourself. Go Christmas shopping. Watch a movie. Play cards. You need to find a way to disrupt those thought processes.


This is recycled, philosophical gibberish. “Am I a brain in a vat?” Vanilla Sky. The Matrix. It’s not deep — it’s overdone.

It’s not mental illness — just a mind game.


I am for real and carry no secret ties. I am your comrade.


I sit for hours focused on this thought, that is when it is an illness, when you hyperfocus and it disrupts day to day activities. You are rude.


I have this whole theory, that schizophrenia is a disease of vanity. I won’t go into it all now but the basic idea is that everything the schizophrenic experiences is centered around himself. I’m the chosen one. They’re after me, etc. I’m not saying that schizophrenics are vain but that everything is centered around them.


Agreed @Malvok.