Can the others help us with Schizophrenia?

Existence is either Hell or Heaven.

Existence is either correct path or wrong path.

Are you always trying to target Heaven/correct path?


No hope.

Always lost.

It’s as if I don’t even exist.

Yes, I don’t even exist and if I do exist, it’s Hell/wrong path.

How can I live forever in Heaven?

Yup, I really want to live forever, making sure everything is Heaven.

Completely Heaven.

Nil Hell.

Is it impossible?

Can the others help us with all heaven and zero hell?

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there is no wrong or right path…there is just a path. :sunrise:
we walk it…we do our best…we cope and sometimes not.
i hope you are having a good day. :sunny:
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:


@darksith your reply is awesome

I struggle in life with


paranoid type Schizophrenia

and no memory ( almost zero memory )

and lots of hell interference

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I want to play Hearthstone and win a tournament or two or more but I don’t

see it happening, not even close to making my first move

Perhaps One Should Start With DANTE’s INFERNO and Continue With Such a Path Towards PURGATORIO and End It With PARADISO … ,

See If You Can Fynde Tha Lynk … ,

Rite Here ))) ------- > < -------((( Rite here

I must say others did help. The others give us meds

the others give us internet

the others gave us this forum

And, this forum is a blessing in disguise.

Positive thinking puts us to sleep to negative world


negative thinking puts us to sleep to positive world.

Hell and Heaven are simply THE UNKNOWN.

Like a wink from pixel is +ve if it’s young female?



+ve thinking

So D(Y)D You Lyke Tha Lynk e(Y)e Shared (???)

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I didn’t see the link, now, I shall

I was searching for the link and visited my profile page to know… on which post it was posted and, oh! my sleeping mind,

it’s posted in this same post

The link is awesome because I’m in good mood and good health.

Otherwise those images can give me more and more delusions.

The images are good. Thanks for sharing.

You Are Very Welcome … ,

Dante’s Inferno and Tha Rest e(Y)e Mentioned Are Actually Really Great Stories To Read … ,

Maybe Perhaps Check em Out When You Get Tha Chance … ,

Amazon is Really Good At Sending You Shazz Lyke That … ,

So Perhaps Give It a Shot …

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and On a Side Note e(Y)e never had a Problem With Those Images ,

e(Y)e Actually Wasn’t On Meds When e(Y)e Created That Blog … ,

It Took About Two Hours To Create and e(Y)e Really Enjoied Tha T(Y)me Creating It …


Which Was About Three years Ago … , e(Y)e AM On meds Now …

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This is my creation…

Before e(Y)e Click Tha Lynk ,

Can You Guve Me a Summary On What It is e(Y)e Will Be Seeing (???)

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It’s simple. Nothing to worry about. Don’t read it, just take a peek at it and if you want to understand it then it will take you to read the blog several times and keep thinking…etc;

Nah e(Y)e’m Good Yo … ,

Thanks Anyways …

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okay oooooooooooo 15 char post limit


You Ok (???)

Fufteen …

and To Answer Your Question … ,

“canthee"others"helpus” … ,

Thee Answer Is , Unfortunately , No …