Does anyone believe there are evil spirits?

I left my bedroom closet door open last night and I could feel the spirit that lives in there looking at me while I closed the door. I believe it is my grandfather begging me to pray him to Heaven which I keep trying to do but he stays in there and just goes across the nation where ever I go. He was in Tulsa, he was in Arizona and now he’s here. I just wonder what others believe.?

i don’t think so

Well it’s like this, yes I believe they exist, while simultaneously I tell myself they don’t.


I believe there are evil spirits. The wicked angels pretend to be our ancestors to make us believe there is immortal soul after death. They lies. Open your Bible to the book of Ecclesiastes 9:5:

For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing;

The dead cannot do us any good or harm us in anyway.


Why would your grandfather’s spirit be ‘evil’? Was he a bad person during his life?

Does anyone believe there are evil spirits?

Oh yes.

Yes I do.


I used to say to myself, “where ever you go there THEY are”.
So I figured out it was comming from ME.


I don’t know about it being your grandpa. I really don’t know. I believe in demons. I rebuke the demons that come after me and they leave. That’s a Biblical thing, so I don’t think it’s all delusion and hallucination. Letting it go too far is delusional…

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Yes I do and ghost too

I once saw a demon sitting on the porch of a priest’s house late in the evening. The demon looked like a fat, hairy, black beast. I got very scared when i saw it. Immediately i ran away from the priest’s house.

I was raised to look askance on the idea of the devil, but it would explain a lot.

I have met a few evil spirits in my time, so yeas I do believe in them. They ride the dark under current on the outskirts of this earth, and when they get near you, you won’t have to be told.

Is your grandpa still trying to protect you in some way, @Jukebox? Are you being honest with yourself that you don’t still need him- even a little bit?
He must sense something different or I would think he would have departed this earth by now…?

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I was raised believing in them (my mom is a strict Pentecostal Christian), and I still do. But I don’t like to. I wish they didn’t exist, but I think they do. As a Muslim I am to believe in jinn, some are good some are evil, and they are made from fire, Satan is the head jinn according to Islam.

Demons talk through me all the time. I’ve also seen spirits in the form of human beings. Also the spirit in the form of an animal. They take possession of my body and yet the doctors say it’s an hallucination something they call schizophrenia. Schizophrenia for people who don’t know any better I guess

Right. It’s Satan and the demons that attempt to deceive those who show interest in them, or he could be having a bout with some psychosis, which I believe Satan also may try and use as well.

No, I don’t believe in spirits, evil or benign.

I agree…ill will between humans on the other hand has caused more pain and suffering than casper could ever hope to accomplish…

Nope, don’t believe they exist.

My grandfather might be there to remind me that I need to pray for him and that’s all I can figure out. I believe he is in hell right now and there is some sort of portal he comes and visits me through…kind of a complicated “hell boy” story.

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So… would you be able to content yourself with praying for him, say, once or twice a day?

Does he “demand” more, or become angry at you? His position in the afterlife is his, not your problem. Would he be happier if you made him a food offering or a small shrine with a candle?

Point is – don’t let it become obsessive. Give him some attention, if it will ease your distress, but don’t devote yourself to redeeming him.

Also consider writing down the story of how he comes to visit you. It sounds fascinating. i mean that in a sincere and kind way, no mockery or sarcasm intended. :slight_smile: