Are the worries a tough symptom when its to a hellish point?

i think that my worries cause me big problem. I worry so much, i am so afraid from everything that it makes me very very fragile… Maybe the situation is not so bad as i imagine it? Maybe the hypocondria and my anguish are the problem, how do you think?
but my paranoia and my worries are to a point that i am close to scream sometimes per moments… i am soo afraid… i hope meds will help me on this…
I guess its typical for the paranoid schizophrenia?


Hi :wave:

I am like that during the illness. Medication helps me be much more grounded and aware. I am sorry :worried:

What does your pdoc say?

Hi, darling, thanks for writing. I was thinking precisely about you. I wanted to know if I seem to you always a bit better in my writing despite my complains?
my doc says that everybody who thinks so bad every evening like I do, will go mad… But its not my choice,its my illness… she says my mental will need time to get stabilized and she doesn’t want to switch my Zyprexa. she sees a progress on it for me… But maybe she doesn’t care at the end, I am not sure ill do it :(. My mom says that my pdoc doesn’t care about me at all. that she has thousand patients…
my doc also says that I need to socialize more but I cant do it often…

Yes a week or two before i thought you were doing so much better!!

Are you only staying in bed? Can you exercise at least?

oh no, I dont stay in my bed but I do the most of the things at my house. I am able to clean it, to look movies more patiently, to read… I am not in my bed, no. But I dont leave my house. sometimes I am too afraid or sometimes I feel a bit of hate towards others… I am open on this with you, yes… I am not sure if Zyprexa will give me some ‘‘lift’’. Ive notices something like this 2 days ago but after this, nothing again.
sometimes I feel shame also about what ive done when I was at my worse. I sad terrible things to some people… I was really evil :(…