Are all schizophrenics intelligent

I was pretty good in science and math before sz but now I have problems remembering what I want to say and problems in doing basic and simple activities such as showering, walking outside etc

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(e.g. CS Lewis - clearly with extremely high intelligence in the linguistic domain - was utterly unable to pass the school certificate mathematics exam despite many attempts - probably set to be passable by the top ten-fifteen percent of the population.)

I have issues with showering too but i always had them before illness, at one point my mom screamed at me to wash my ass because i didn’t shower for a week.

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I shower once a week since having negative symptoms a few years ago :sweat_smile:

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You can be as smart with SZ as you were before you had it. I had the same problems you described nearly three decades ago. Continuous work on self-improvement has me where I now outperform neurotypicals.

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143- 153 on psychometrician created and/or normed tests (99.79- 99.98) is more than respectable.

Have u done a real iq test ?
I went to a psychologist and she reffered me to a couple institutions for highly gifted people.
Although i dont think i woulf really score high on an iq test

As a pre teen (8-11) I was assessed as ‘being around 150’/147 according to a testing system doing the rounds in San Francisco then . At my British public school I was tested,but was never told the result.

I’ve done a heap of high range rests. . Although not the best results I’ve got I take the psychometrician involved tests as having a greater level of credibility.

I don’t think having a low attention span means your dumb. There are plenty of people with SZ who are smart. I consider myself to be pretty high functioning despite my diagnosis I’m in my junior year of college.

I had above normal intelligence tested at the beggining of acute psychosis at age of 19.
Was best mathematician in elementary…

Now my intelligence is average.

My main goal is to improve quality of life regardless of IQ. There is no point in having 200 if you can’t cross the street…

I’m convinced I’ve always been average in terms of intelligence. Psychosis did a number on my cognitive abilities but I’m working to get them back up to speed.

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That’s a good comment.

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Sorry @firemonkey, I was bit harsh.
I think that all schizophrenics should work every day on improving social and personal skills how to cope with illness.

Obviously, just like the rest of the population, sz’s intelligence is going to vary.

Intelligence is relative, but I guess if you are asking if all sz’s are more intelligent than normies or the average person, I would think the answer would be no.

Statistically speaking, those with SZ are more likely to have lower intelligence than those without. SZ is associated with cognitive issues.


I literally deal with all of those problems. That was actually how i first started believing i had schizophrenia, because those symptoms were all present so it told me that i might actually be sick…

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So I’ve heard.

I am not a statistic! :scream:

I think a lot of sz’s on this forum fall outside the statistical norms. I think we tend to have more high functioning sz’s here. I would suspect that our average here would be higher than the average of schizophrenics in general.

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I’m so dumb I don’t know what is intelligence so I can’t answer your question.

Maybe high functioning is not the right phrase. Just more intelligent in general. A lot of us still have issues functioning. I don’t want to give examples, but there are many here who seem quite intelligent but aren’t necessarily functioning well because of negatives and such.

Yeah but you’re cute so you can get away with it.

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