Applied to community college today

Like I’ve said on here, I haven’t been in school or work since April 2014. I am rusty socially and when I was psychotic i developed a huge fear of classrooms.

I am determined to stick to doing what i think i cannot do, no matter how humiliating

School starts in 17 days… wish me luck. and now folks, here’s some Devin Townsend


Good luck with school. I hope everything goes well.

If it turns out that the classroom setting doesn’t work for you, you can always look into online classes as another option.

I’m starting school too. Best of luck to you!

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Good luck with it.

Good luck, nomad. Study hard .

Good luck, person.

Hey @Nomad

You’ll do great. Take it one day at a time.

I want to go back to school too. But it will probably have to be online. My paranoia has been terrible lately.

Take care.

Good luck @Nomad!

Good luck! Go get 'em!

Good job making good life decisions, hopefully itll pay off. :+1: