Anyones psychiatrist lie?

Anyone have a psychiatrist or cpn lie in notes? Did you complain?

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I don’t know about “lying in notes”, but I think a psychiatrist made a mistake in evaluating me. Also, I’ve learned not to put much faith in the word of some of the mental health workers where I live. To be fair, they are harried by heavy case loads, and I can see how they might want to say something just to get you out of their hair.

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Did you complain?

I don’t believe I was asessed properly, many assumptions based i’m guessing on what cpn told them.

ive had about 10 shrinks in total in my lifetime and about 2 or 3 of them were creeps, but then the good ones did help me

Yes, some lied, even in files and about very important stuff. Even to the courts.

My notes said I take weed.

I was giggling in the hospital appointments idk if that’s why they assumed that. If they did that’s really awful

I have never seen my notes, so I have no idea. I get copies of the letters sent to the GP, and some of the things written on there seem to be assuming quite a bit

I had 8 psychiatrists and no one ever lied.
They asked my mother about me without telling me. They knew that I was born premature and had 3 surgeries without me telling them. My report says I have sz with negative symptoms, apathy and avolition. I agree with that.

Similar experience here, was the psychiatrists lies taken as truth in court then?

They asked my mother about me without telling me.

Can they do that? I thought they have to notify you before consulting your family members. Isn’t there a confidentiality thing?

I actually have no clue what my notes say. I’ve only been to one pdoc, and I always assumed he just wrote down what I told him and whatever stood out on his end.

Idk but my mother used to come to my apts when I had psychosis bcz I didn’t want to go.

Let’s just say there’s quite a few comments in my notes I have(1978-2008) that reflect the fact that interpretation of events is very much governed by how I was seen as a patient ,rather than looking at the facts surrounding situations .

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Oh, I see. That makes sense.

Nope. I’ve had some whose diagnoses I’ve disagreed with, but I’ve never caught any lying to me. Even the ones I regarded as unprofessional still upheld their professional obligations, technically speaking.

Wish I had luck with psychiatrists. Mine has lied in a serious manner about my symptoms, saying I have thought broadcasting and a pretty serious delusion about harm coming to my children.

Hey, do you mind if I ask, how did you become aware about what they had written in your notes?

When your working and stressed sometimes you do things to get off anger.I guess my psychiatrist hurt me in some way too which I didn’t know

For me I saw it when he gave me my diagnosis report. He gave it to me so I give it to the agency that finds me work for the mentally ill and the mentally disabled. He wrote: Stable, schizophrenia with negative symptoms, apathy and avolition.