Has anyone read their psychiatry notes?

This is what mine said:

27 year old male presented to the partial hospitalization for increasing psychosis and paranoia. Patient reported that he sees people and she shadows. Patient reported sleep is “, appetite is good and energy level has been average. He reported some anhedonia and level of ambition has been down. Denies any feeling of helplessness or hopelessness. Patient reported he quit taking his medication 6-7 months ago. Patient reported that” people are after him". Denies any thoughts of wanting to harm himself.

Patient reported that his symptoms and paranoia are due to somebody is influenced over him. Patient reported that he has been having some paranoia where people are looking at him and talking about him". Patient stated that there is nothing wrong with him". Discussed with patient other concern.

The last thing I want to do is read mine…


I want to get mine. I wonder what they say.

This was from my partial program which was from the first two visits.

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I’ve read some of mine. Just says I’m schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. But that was quite a while ago.

I’ve seen some of mine. It’s not that revealing. I’m pretty much just your run of the mill schizophrenic with depression who does not get voices. I did have one call me dysphoric. I am usually pretty warm but I don’t know why they’d expect you to be the life of the party in a shrinks office!

I read mine. It made me really angry and sad. Especially the notes from the few months they thought I had borderline - they then thought I was lying and manipulating all the time, while I was not aware and not lying. And it was really confronting how bad I actually was doing.

I have a copy of my psychiatric records. It’s crazytown, the things I said. Mainly about a “brainchip” I thought I had, supposedly transmitting my thoughts out into the world. I also thought most of the public had brainchips too, and that it was some kind of overnight phenomenon that I was the centre of.

I can’t remember but I imagine they’d say talking little, showering little, movements funny, spends too much time next to the radio

I read mine from the VA. They even note what I am wearing. Tomorrow I have to go to the VA after lunch and I am going to be in the middle of building a fence so I won’t look too good I presume.

More interesting to read the notes of other patients, especially the cute ones.



I think I got records spread all over everywhere

wouldn’t even know where to start to get my hands on something

but it might be cool to read, just for seeing if we’re on the same page.

I saw bipolar after twenty yesrs of just thinking i had sz. Weird, but i dont even care now. I could find out i had split personalty disorder and it wouldnt even matter to me.

what’s that?

certainly you haven’t been in the system that long.

Well i had a head injury about a year ago. I went to the nuerologist last week and he was pulling up all my files in front of me. Cat scans , drs notes about it. And drs notes about my pre existing conditions. I saw bipolar on there along with everything else. I asked him and told him i dont have bipolar. He said well youve been manically depressed, so that means you have bipolar. Idk

My psychiatric notes mention the labels Schizoaffective, bipolar, anxiety and OCD.

My psych notes up to 2008(when I got them) show how mental health professionals have a low opinion of me. The feeling’s mutual. I respect them about as much as they respect me. I would comment further but when I expressed my opinion on a thread I started someone abused the flagging system . I 'd done nothing wrong they just didn’t like what I had to say.

They always want to spend a report home in the post. I always refuse.

I have zero desire to read mine. Have done lots of regrettable things - really don’t want to relive them

I found my diagnosis letter in a folder when I was looking for a drawing and I had never read it before.

It took me an hour to Google all the terms they used and it was 4 pages of dense writing.

I had no idea how sick I was back then. Put things into perspective and made me remember what triggered me off the three episodes I had before diagnosis.

I tore it up and threw it away, it’s all in the past now. Got to try and move on from it all and look forward.