Will be seeing my psychiatrist soon

Me: here’s a list of my complaints
Them: nodding, taking notes
Me: bye
Them: bye


Tuesday is my appointment day…!!!
hope to get some sleeping tabs…!!!

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Sadly, that sounds pretty typical. My dr was that way with me for a long time, but lately since I got off alcohol and, for the most part, off of weed she takes my complaints a little more seriously. I don’t know if those things are issues for you. Yeah, I’m usually honest with my doctors about my substance abuse.


You just need to harness your inner cantankerous streak. I have more than enough to go around lol, wish I could give you all some.

Like what about:

Everhopeful: "Here’s a list of my complaints."
Them: /nodding, taking notes
Everhopeful: "So what should we do or change to address these problems?"
Them: "Well blah blah blah, dismissive crap, blah blah, let’s wait and see, blah blah."
Everhopeful: “No that isn’t good enough, these issues are affecting my everyday life, and we need to address these problems.”

Etc. Remember your pdoc is a paid professional who is getting paid to offer you a service.


I’ve always had problems communicating with doctors. Maybe it was my fault; I didn’t know what to say and they gave no direction - asked no questions. But then the whole point was to see if I was stable and then to increase medication if needed. My doctors weren’t analysts. And let’s face it, we all need pills and that’s why they’re are there.

Mine listens, takes notes tells me to deep breathe. Talks to mr turtle. Asks me if I need any scripts then tells me to see him again in a fortnight.

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Easier said than done, but I know what you mean

mine is so nice and sweet i really am pretty nuts about him, lol!!!

i see him only several times a year, so that’s that.



I think that the responsibility for our mental health ultimates lies with ourselves. Life is a journey of discovery and my schizophrenia helped to propel me along the way. I have bad memories of my interactions with psychiatrists, but I think they were trying to do the best thing, yet my stability is not because of the doctors - it’s mostly because of the pills. As well, a lot of reading of religious books. God made me who I am


2moro @ 3pm…!!! Khumaltar…!!! Tranquility hospital and research center ,!!