Anyone with low Iq Here?

I relate most with low iq individuals

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Anyone ? :frowning:

Honey, you need to stop worrying about your IQ. It is not a reliable indicator of intelligence. There are lots of things that make up intelligence, and they aren’t all in the test.


iq is reliable imo

I don’t know mine. Never tried to find out.

Don’t know mine, don’t really care. I don’t think IQ accounts for real world applications, aka “street smarts”.

Having a good ‘filter’ mentally; being able to multi-task, etc are more important. I’m the worst at both : ).

Nobody in the real world even utters the word ‘IQ’! It carries an association that isn’t received well, perhaps… I dunno.

Lastly I forget who said it: But ‘The world is littered with unsuccessful genius’! Take in that soundbite as a compliment but also maybe venture into other topics with your time, you know?

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Imho the people I know with low iq dont give a flying ■■■■ about IQ. How much did you score on the test? Btw you can get smarter over time to set you apart from the average.

And don’t let one little number decide your life. If you are average IQ you can accomplish a hell of a lot. Life isnt about talent, its about hard work toward your goal.


I scored 120 but i doubt the accuracy

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120 IQ → Relates to low IQ individuals → Fishing for attention

If that’s an official test consider yourself lucky… Stop fishing for attention and do something with it

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I’m not fishing attention, I genuinely relate to low IQ people

" the only source of knowledge is experience" - Albert Einstein

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What does IQ stand for?

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Intelligence quotient

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Oh, now I remember…I looked it up like 6 months ago. Thank you Crystal-Cotton. :smiley:

IQ + conscientiousness + EQ are probably better guides to success than IQ on its own.

I don’t think EQ matters

you seem obsessed with IQ… you should try doing other things…

yes im obsessed because i want to know my real iq

but it’s not that important… why do you really wanna know?