I may get IQ tested again

Hopefully I will score higher than last time

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Lol :laughing: :laughing:

Good luck… Cotton.

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IQ isn’t a determinant of your intellectual ability.

But ok, I wish you all the best.

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What is it then?

Don’t test too often, you get fake results from learning the IQ test patterns, versus actual intelligence.


What matters is your authentic self.

You are already intelligent.

Oy vey.

IQ tests vary so much.

And don’t necessarily reflect intelligence.

Just how well you test and lots of intelligent people don’t test well.

I knew a guy that was obsessed with IQ scores.

His was very high and he was part of Mensa.

He also couldn’t hold a job or emotionally support his family and was a religious nut.

IQ means nothing.

You need to stop obsessing over it.

It’s unhealthy.


i havent taken an official test in 1 year

Practice effects in healthy adults A longitudinal study on frequent repetitive cognitive testing.pdf (403.1 KB)

I’m not trolling anyone

good luck with the IQ test =)

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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