Anyone with low Iq Here?

I want to join Mensa :frowning:

and what do they do? I don’t know mensa… i looked it up and it seems to be like a club with people with high IQ… but what does it offer to be part of that club?

I just want to meet similar people

but you said you connect better with people with low IQ… wouldn’t that be weird then to be among people with all high IQ?

I connect best with low and high iq people

I believe mensa is iq of 130 and above. Just contact mensa and pay to write the test , then you’ll know where you stand

Not sure what an ick is.

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IQ is just a number. :shark::shark::shark:

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WORKOUT | Mensa International will give you an idea whether it’s worth trying to join Mensa.

I got 30/30 lol

How to get them to IQ test me

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