Anyone who successfully went off meds without relapse?

by successfully i mean not less than 5 years and is fully recovered.

Well usually if your multi episodic it’s meds for life. Then there’s who don’t want to rock the boat.

It’s a common thing for people with sz to not want medication. Whether that is a good thing really is up to you and your history. A good shrink will know you and have a pretty good idea of what may work…Many recover from 1st episode psychosis…whether you are one of those is the question.


Definitely not me. Every attempt to go off meds has ended badly. The last attempt did some damage to my marriage that took a while to fix and my wife has threatened bad things if I ever do that to her again.


definitely not me then , i am not on meds but i am fuxzking retaxdedd as hell

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It’s possible to function well on meds once you get the type and dosage sorted, plus acclimatize to them. Suggest working towards this goal.


Well time to get on the meds. Early intervention leads to better outcomes. Simply put it damages your brain untreated psychosis.


Totally Yoda’d that sentence, you did.


I tried once. I relapsed badly a few months later.

Never. I’ve always relapsed.

i heard the meds are so powerful, withdrawl symptoms cause being psychotic in many cases…either way im a lifer on meds


Nope. It’s not possible for me.

Being natural is the most healthiest things to do.Plus healthy natural diet and active lifestyle…who needs med?

I’m going off meds (under my pdoc’s supervision) in the hope that given my relatively mild positive symptoms therapy alone will be able to pick up the pieces.

For me Abilify was like a street drug, it made me an addict and a junky. Taking Abilify was worse than not taking meds for me. But not other meds, I am on Risperdal, much better than on Abilify and better than without meds.

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I relapsed after stopping meds for a year and nearly died from suicide so now after finding the best med, Risperdal, I will never stop meds. I became stable after switching from Abilify over a year ago.


I take a very low dose, i mean it was low before and then i cut it down a bit again, my doctor knows so its ok and if it gets too bad again then i’ll just increase it. idk if i will ever get off of them completely, i have tried and failed before.

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I’m still not sure if I will ever risk coming off again but I might.

Never succeeded. Hospital every time. My wife says if I do it again she isn’t coming to visit me in the hospital.

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I am never going back to hospital.

I will behave myself and be as compliant as I have to be to get by with community resources.

I have tried going off meds about 5/6 times, and it was an absolute disaster