Anyone who got marrried after the diagnosis?

So who here got married after the diagnosis?
Is your wife/husband also schizophrenic or is she/he normal?
Where did you meet her/him?

I’m not interested in marriage at the moment when I have symptoms and all that.
I just thought I would like to marry when my illness got better.


Still single here… and not looking for a relationship until I’m stable enough


Me neither…

What do you think about marrying someone who’s also schizophrenic or has any other mental illnesses?

I don’t see a problem with that, I think I would prefer it actually. But its very difficult to find someone to connect with at that level specially finding someone with a mental illness. I think my country doesn’t have a lot of szs and it’s full of guys that don’t interest me.

e(Y)e Once Saw a Talk Show Talking About Schizophrenic Peeps Getting Married After Diagnosis’?

After the diagnosis I’ve had a couple of chances to marry, the guys had mental illnesses as well, but I’m glad i didn’t. It would’ve been pretty tough to live with someone who also has mental illnesses.
But then I couldn’t meet someone “normal” unless I can funtion normally. I have no idea when I get stable enough to get into a relationship.

Yeah, me neither. It’s not like I’m looking for marriage too, that’s kind of secundary, I would prefer kids over marriage. “Why get the government envolved in my romantic life?” :smile:

I’m not really interested in having kids. What I want is marriage, the relationship, and whenever I see someone with kids in the streets or something I envy the kind of relaionship they could have with the opposite sex, not the kids themselves.

Yeah, I get that. I would love to meet someone who fits all my criteria but it’s difficult. I might have to lower my standards

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I think the same way,

Actually I met someone who fit all my criteria but he didn’t want me :cry:
I still can’t get over it.

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Oh, that does suck. I’m sure you’ll meet someone, often comes when we’re not expecting it!

It does. :cry:
Thanks, you too…

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Can I find that on YouTube?

I got married. She said she accepted me for who I was. Later I realized she accepted me for what I had. We got divorced and I have not even tried to date anyone since then.


Diagnosed 1994/95. Married, 2000. Still married today. She’s a normie. We have one daughter. Marrying another Sz is okay if that floats your boat, but can be utter hell on your children if there’s not at least one stable parent at home. Very important to keep that in mind.



I married a psychopathic Borderline, I am now Divorced - Thank Heavens.

Never dated anyone since my Divorce.

Marriage is not all wine and roses - its a lot of work.

Marry the wrong person and it could be dangerous for our Mental Health.


Diagnosed when I was 17… I’m almost 31 now…

Not married… but I am engaged

Met her almost 2 years ago.


That actually makes me hesitant.

I remember you often say “when I look for love, I find chaos, when I look for friendship, I find love”.
I like that.

I’m happy for you. :smile: :hibiscus: :sunflower:

What makes you feel ready?

I know it’s possible to get engaged or married even with schizophrenia.
I’m not just ready.

ive read lotsa lotsa books and from what i see …we DONE