Marrying kind

Are you the marrying kind? Would you marry a SZ person such as yourself? Can getting married make you lose your SSDI benefits if you receive them? What’s the best place in the world to live?

Happy New Year!

I would marry another schizophrenic…sure would be easier than being “crazy” in the eyes of a normal person. Even though I am in remission, on multiple meds, I still have to live a stable, clean, sober lifestyle and would have to explain to someone what schizophrenia is and they probably would just dump me.

I often think that I want to meet other schizophrenics in person. The thing is, I am in remission and I don’t appear to have anything wrong with me when I take my meds like I am supposed to.

Where would you go to meet other sz peoples?

That beats me. Maybe a support group, I should find out if they have them in my city. Even then, they would be like “your recovered gtfo”

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There’s a dating site for people with mental illness:



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I’ve tried dating other schizophrenics, and it’s never worked out well. For some reason, I always end up in the caretaker role. I’m a nurse, and I love helping people, but I’m not strong enough yet, with my own illness, to be someone’s caretaker. Plus, there are times that I’M the one who needs some help.

I like the idea, though, of sharing a common bond. And helping each other. I just haven’t found that match in another mentally ill person.



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thanks a ton…wow. I had no clue that something like that site existed. I will always consider myself mentally ill, but I also feel a bit like I would assume the caretaker role, but thats ok. I would be happy to. That would make a relationship stronger, to help them out and actually remember how they are feeling. I am in remission and I am very stable, I am quite well, I just need to sleep plenty and never miss a dose of anything.

Normal girls just like to party, I would love to date people with medication regiments and stable, structured lifestyles already established. That’s fantastic, thank you so much!

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Lost income back in the 80s I got a wife szer just like me but older we had 17 years tell it was so small of income we couldn’t get things so now we are friends.

sz hold many wounds of psychosis, i know my wounds are scars now they have healed, the wounds i had healed slow, time has healed them. although they have healed there is still scars, but i can live with that.

if i had a choice…i would rather marry a woman who has had mental health predictuments there would be a better understanding a great foundation for a relationship to build on…

i don’t know if i would bc i have kids. one parent with difficulties is hard enough for them to cope with but two? no. i don’t think i would. i have to look out for my kids first and foremost and i couldn’t risk them being exposed to many relapses, paranoia and an unstructured lifestyle. our lives are unstructured enough as it is. we are dysfunctional and have many issues. it doesn’t need adding to. xxx

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I’d have to agree - there are certainly people who would be sympathetic to someone suffering from SZ. I read some where that if you have to be in a relationship than choose to be the “crazy” one. It’s hard enough dealing with my own issues that I like to have someone without those same issues cause there never really the same issues. I just want someone to Love and live with like we all do

Yep I’m married. Yep, I would marry a SZA person such as myself, almost did actually. Not sure on SSDI as I’m currently trying to get them.
Best place in the world? I can only speak for the united states so i would say Oregon or Minnesota. Both beautiful states with solitude if you want it and lots of nature, the metropolitan areas of both states are very clean. But if you don’t like driving in snow, definitely oregon.

Happy new Year!

best place in the world to live? i don’t know. i’ve only lived in 3 countries and didn’t speak the language in two of them so i can’t say. i like where i live now, in the new forest national park in the uk. the forest is right on my doorstep and it’s beautiful with wild horses, cows and deer roaming free. i love it.


That sounds so nice.

yeah jaynebeal that sounds awesome…I live in my parents house, I would love to live in a national park! Sounds dreamy!

I get paranoid if I couldn’t predict the actions of the one I would marry, a schizo is generally unpredictable! And as for me I really need someone to take of me and I don’t thimk I have enough patience to take care of someone else like me, especially full time, I think the situation in the house would be like pouring oil on fire, I think we sz need someone normal to balance our lives and return us to reality, not someone like us to enhance whatever of reality misconception we have. But I never had the chance to date someone like me, so what I wrote remains only a point of view until I get to experience it my self…

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The best place to live is in my head when I’m experiencing a beautiful psychosis…lol
But anyway I love the bora bora islands, the Amazon rain forests, the empty quater desert, the Angel falls, and a lot actually, beautiful places to have some adventure, but only to live in for a short time. I would choose to live in the heart of a city that never sleeps, no city in particular, a safe one would do…

I agree with you all. I have enough problems managing myself and my dog i don’t think i would want to take care of anyone else. Dealing with relationships with so called “normal people” is hard enough.

I’m not sure if i would want to date ever again. I’m not that old but i just haven’t had much luck in the dating field. I think i need to spend the next 20 years working on me and just developing friendships. that’s what need more than anything. :slight_smile:

The best place to live in the world is a lot of factors. It depends on if you are with a loved one (if your alone what’s the point) if you can afford to live there, have a job, good health insurance etc. I always like hawaii though.

mental health covers a wide specturm, and recovery is possible for many, my soul mate is waiting on me

I would merry a schizo. Woman but i will not have a child with her. The risk is very high for the child to develop schizophrenia.