Reducing symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia

When I was first diagnosed I was told by the psychiatrist that the lower doses of anti-psychotics are better for long-term prognosis. Right now I’m on Aristada two month injection which is a highest dose. I’m not sure it’s helping much but I feel kind of despondent about it. My mom takes haldol injections. She’s afraid she won’t take the medicine if she weren’t on the injections. I’m told that people with schizophrenia need injections to maintain.

I’m taking 25 mgs of Strattera now to counteract the effects it feels and to boost my energy. It’s working really well, but it is causing mild hallucinations at night. I’m frustrated. I tried to tell my psychiatrist over the phone I want to switch to anti-psychotic pills at a lower dose. You know what he did? COMPLETELY IGNORED ME. He didn’t even answer. He pretended I didn’t ask it or say anything about it. The other side effect of Abilify/Aristada at high doses are vision changes so severe i feel I am going blind and severe weight gain plus wanting to sleep all day and feeling suicidal. Thinking that when I’m dead I’ll be free of this suffering.

So In my mind it’s like, I either refuse the injection because he wont listen. Or ask for a new psychiatrist. Thinking of switching practices.

I’ve never heard that. That’s interesting but it might not be true.

No need of Strattera instead you can replace it with pure green tea. It have same effect. Long term Strattera use can cause heart rhythm issues even though its not a stimulant.

You can find another pdoc if current dose seem so high and you have side effects from it like vision problems


I’m planning on getting off all the medications. I have been abused by the system and it has started to really take a toll on my mental health. I’m on 1080 mgs of Aristada/anti-psychotic and 25 mgs of Strattera. It’ll take about two-three months for the anti-psychotics to be out of my system or their half-life is two months.

I feel so trapped it’s gonna take awhile to heal from the damage of these medications. I think I’ll accept the low income housing just to get away from my parents who subjected me to this system since i was a youth.

I think it’s time to change your psychiatrist. You don’t need injections to help although many function well with them. Oral antipsychotics can help too and you could tweek the doses to as low as you can go.

Stopping all meds is problematic and not recommended. I’d suggest getting a doctor who’ll listen to you.

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I took Strattera 25 or 40 mg for testing purpose as I have symptoms of ADHD. After few minutes of taking anxiety came from nowhere, a shaking like feeling, nervousness etc just like some bad anxiety, fear etc. My conclusion is this medicine will only worsens paranoia and anxiety. Its a paranoia, anxiety promoting substance. I am wondering how a pdoc can subscribe this like substance to a paranoid schizo person. It just worsens it.

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Strattera side effects are psychosis and aggression, that’s very bad, Wikipedia:

“Serious side effects may include angioedema, liver problems, stroke, psychosis, heart problems, suicide, and aggression.”

I have already started having some of the severe side effects. But I would rather feel aggression than not be capable of being upset or crying or have emotions. I’m really conflicted. I need a new psychiatrist but the waiting list is three months. My psychiatrist won’t let me get into detail or take part in the process, and I’m just frustrated with him acting all dismissive and not taking his time with me. I understand being on anti-psychotic medicine to prevent a relapse. It has helped a little but too much is too much.

would you think it’s malpractice if a psychiatrist exaggerates your condition to seem like the most extreme case to help you get benefits? I read the letter he filled in for the disability application but I never sent it in because he completely had me wrong. He rated everything high for high risk, and said I couldn’t even take care of myself. I know it’s hard to get benefits but I think I qualify without need for his input and exaggeration of bipolar moods. For instance he wrote, “Is unable to work because of extreme mood swings”

I don’t have mood swings and only until starting strattera have i been able to even feel emotions.

Maybe they’re making me sicker so I will stop being a burden to my parents?

No, I am pretty sure of that. What’s your diagnosis? Did you have psychosis and positive symptoms or only negarive symptoms?

yea and my parents have said the past three weeks they felt like they had their daughter back. The aggression side effects and suicidal thoughts have abated after a few weeks. Will I get them again if I stop taking it? I also had a huge headache this morning until I took the medication. It could have been something else. I think it’s helping me. But now i’m nervous to take it and I feel helpless. I feel more normal once they added the strattera. If I wasn’t on it I would be sleeping non stop like a vegetable. Please help me decide what to do. I’m really overwhelmed.

Really you should discuss this with you psychiatrist or any other dr like your family dr.

Did Straterra really help you? I took a similar drug named Wellbutrin which also increases dopamine and norepinephrine but it only made me worse like suicidal ideation and suicidal fanstasies so I stopped it after a month. Also it didn’t help at all for negative symptoms.

Yes it is working. I had some side effects in the first weeks but they’ve gone away. I just have to try to stay clear headed. It’s doing wonders for the negative and cognitive issues I have been having for some time. I am being more rational and not taking as many impulsive risks. I feel happier for the first time. My family is happy with me and they think Im doing well. I get wired more easily though. I can’t drink too much coffee. I have been on lexapro which made me have dark moods and i relapsed on it, wellbutrin which made my ears ring and did absolutely nothing for me and I hated how it made me feel.

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Did your pdr prescribe you Straterra for negative symptoms? I should try it because only Abilify improved my negatives but I had intolerable side effects from it so I stopped it.

i think the best alternative for this is strong green tea. it have theanine which prevents you from getting needless anxiety at the same time able to think clearly.


I don’t have anxiety or nervousness or paranoia while on an antipsychotic. I wonder what’s the difference between Strattera and Wellbutrin.

strattera is noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor while wellbutin is dopamine reuptake inhibitor

I wonder what’s the difference between Strattera and Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin made me fantasize about death and have suicide ideation.

noradrenaline is what give anxiety, nervouseness etc while dopamine gives interest, focus etc.