Anyone tried rTMS?

I might be entering a trial for treating negative symptoms through rTMS, anyone already have experience with it?

Some background info:

Some treatment resistant patients experience 50% reduction in auditory hallucinations with rTMS. Treating negative symptoms might be more tricky but it’s proven.

Nope. No experience, it’s not available where I live unfortunately, and I hear it’s pretty expensive. Results about efficacy on negative symptoms have been mixed.
I’m currently trying tDCS, another form of brain stimulation and so far it’s not working :confused:
Good luck anyway, keep us posted.

Please tell us more about tDCS. What do they do for this type of treatment - how long does it take for you, how many sessions have you had? What does it cost? What part of the world are you in?


Sure thing Mr Admin. I’ll keep updating my thread.