Anyone have any experience with rTMS repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

Ive been reading a bit about it but it sounds like its only a temporary fix. These voices are driving me crazy and I feel like I need to be rid of them before I can move on with my life. Has anyone had any experience with rTMS? I would really like to know of at least one case of permanent relief before I waste my time and money on such process. So anyone here that been through it?

Here explains it a little bit:

I was looking for someone with first hand experience. It certainly doesn’t seem like a popular treatment option.

Some interesting new research results on rTMS - thought you’d like to hear about it:

Conclusions Bilateral 10 Hz prefrontal rTMS reduced negative symptoms, as measured with the SANS. More studies are needed to investigate optimal parameters for rTMS, the cognitive effects and the neural basis.

It’s still in it’s early days and only been around for a few years. I’d at least try it compared to ECT. There are a few posts around enquiring about it. You might want to look who made the posts and try to contact them to ask. The other option is ECT and I’m sure you have your opinion on that already.