Anyone take Solian>? What do u think?

I have been on Solian (amisulpride) for about 6 years. Better than any other med I have tried. My paranoia & delusions are gone & the voices are minimal. Anyone else on this med & what do u think of it? I understand it is not available in the USA or Canada. I am not sure why. Baffles me as it is such a good med.


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I’m on Solian, too, and I found it is the best meds for me, even better than Risperidone which also worked for me. I have some side effects I don’t like, but nothing bad and the symptoms (like voices and anxiety and self-harm urges) are kept at bay. (I’m on 400mg daily.) I’m also surprised why it isn’t available in the US, I’m in South Africa, and even at the state hospital where I go to for pdoc and meds, it is available. The hospital put me on it last year after I relapsed, and it worked like a bomb. Been taking it for over a year now.

Hi. I was on sulpiride, which is older version of amisulpride (Solian), few years ago. It was one of the best meds I have tried. Unfortunately, I had to quit because my prolactin levels were to high. I even got small boobs (and I am male) . I’ve heard this is very often side effect so maybe that’s reason why it is not approved in USA. Does anybody know if there is another drug that could counteract and resolve prolactin elevation problem? Best regards

Oh yes, I was on sulpiride, too. When I was in hospital last year, they put me on sulpiride for a week or two before switching me to amisulpride.
Interesting about the prolactin levels, I was wondering if amisulpride has that problem, because it feels as if my breasts are bigger, and I don’t know why.
Sorry, don’t know about any drugs that counteract and resolve prolactin problem, maybe I would try them if I knew!

I should really get my prolactin checked. I had it checked about a year ago & it was fine. Thanks for reminding me Peter Pan!!


I am on amisulpride 300mg and have been on it for more than one year. It is a good med because it keeps voices and delusions away whereas it does not give me horrible side effects such as a difficulty speaking, blurred visions and akathesia . The only problem bothering me is high prolactin level which resulted in a sciatic pain for me. Apart from prolactin level, the minor problems amisulpride causes are a mild weight gain , a little drowsy after swallowing the med, fatigue.

Overall, it is a good med.

I have been on amisulpride for about a year after switching from zotepine. It’s a really good medicine. Don’t know why it’s not approved in US.
But I have noticed my sexual drive has decreased significantly. Did anyone have such effect of it?

Bromocriptine is one FDA-approved prescription drug that can lower prolactin levels.