Anyone take 30 mg of Zyprexa?


My husband’s psychiatrist is considering increasing his dosage of Zyprexa to 30 mg?

Has anyone taken that much Zyprexa?

What side effects did you notice?

P.S. He has sz and also takes 100 mg of Zoloft and 2 mg of Klonopin.

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@explorer123 actually belongs on this forum :blush:

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Wow thats alot of ap for your husband.

I get ocular dysfunction on 10 mg.

But you know i like zyprexa cause i think it calms body.

I just started on ten and I feel dizziness and head feels funny sometimes

This is the same as clozapine and that would explain the dizziness

thats a huge dose for zyprexa because its really strong im on 10 mg and never have gone higher than that, im not a doctor but i would think if someone needs to go all the way up to 30 mg of zyprexa because its not working at a lower dose it might not be the right med for them

I take 25mg. I don’t have td. I would go up to 30 in an emergency. I take 10mg in morning and 15mg at night.

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I haven’t tried 30mg of zyprexa but I used to be on 20mg of zyprexa which helped with my hallucinations really well. However, I had to get off due to the weight gain.

I had tried 20mg 8 years ago, but it was too strong as I was dizzy sometimes. I take 10mg now, and this is a proper dose for me as side effect is little.

I was on 20mg for two years - that’s the highest dose. I would question it.

Im stuck on 20

30mg is high wow.

Im hoping to go down back to 10 soon

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