Anyone suffering?

Hey fellow schizophrenics, it seems like everyone on this site is doing well but I’ve tried medication after medication and still no success. I feel like a complete robot, no emotions, no enjoyment, complete and total misery, I would rather die then live like this for the rest of my life, is anyone else experiencing or has experienced this?

I think that one of the reasons why it seems like everyone on here is doing so well is that there are some schizophrenics who think that they are better than other schizophrenics and are ready to jump down anyones throat who admits to having problems. So, people don’t always post about their problems. For the record, I too am suffering. I don’t know if I have it as bad as you, but I am switching medications in the hope that I will feel better.


There are others on the forum who haven’t found a medicine that helps. Some are still trying different meds and some have written off antipsychotics altogether for various reasons.

Hope you can find a way to move forward.

My medicines work great for the schizophrenia but aren’t so great for literally every other part of my body.

They have made me very sick physically.

Im sick as a dog, no one needs me at all, no money, disabled.

The worst part is knowing that it’s not a disease, it’s like living in a twilight zone episode.

I understand you’re struggling, but don’t come here threatening suicide.


I had two solid years of unyielding suffering that started when I was 19 years old and first diagnosed. I got better by increments until NOW I actually have made strides in my recovery and actually have good moments frequently. But those first two years were hell. I am miserable a lot, but not as miserable as 15 years ago.


I don’t think one can judge suffering by a forum post. However, it is true that the vast majority of the users on this forum are high functioning. Low functioning schizophrenics don’t hang out on Internet forums.

Additionally, many choose to focus on the positive. They try to help others and themselves through positive interaction instead of wallowing in misery or practicing self-pity.

I’d wager that almost all of us have been in your shoes at one time in our lives. Getting to a stable place can be a long, hard, road. Keep trying. I hope one day you find peace.


I’m suffering everyday. It takes a lot of time and effort to work on one after another problems. It also takes a lot of thoughts to pin point every of them. It’s a lot of struggles. Keep trying and I hope you will find something helpful to you.

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Life with schizophrenia is uphill lots of the time. I’m currently experiencing a hellish relapse and I’m so paranoid it’s scary. I visited my psychiatrist yesterday and she increased my Abilify from 15mg to 30 mg. I’m positive that the meds will kick in soon.

Good luck with that.

Thanks for the encouragement 77nick77

yes, I have experienced such feelings before taking meds and when taking meds because of their side effects, what meds have you taken? in my case drugs was not effective before ECT but they became so effective after that so “if” you have tried every drugs on market ECT can be the answer.

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He isn’t threatening anyone alien, and your words are harsh and uncalled for.

I’m pretty sure he was writing about you.

Well, then i wasn’t threatening anyone, harsh and uncalled for.

That right there is my negative symptoms. I spent far too many years in my wax build up. I was encased in this sheet of negative symptom. I became Kafka’s cockroach.

I did need a kick in the head med change. Mood stabilizer and anti-depressant meds started shifting my brain, increasing my energy and melting the wax. I fear negative symptoms far more then positive ones.

I know doc’s tell me they could tinker with my meds and blow the voices right out of my head…

I would rather have my few voices and head circus glitches then no emotions and no enjoyment of anything.

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This is a site for those suffering and for those doing well with their illness, as well as those who support those afflicted with SZ.
I personally am fed up with some people pushing others to feel great and telling those who are struggling to basically change their tune and be more positive. This is a site designed for education and support. Some people with SZ will sound more negative because they are not as well as they would like to be. I personally welcome all types of people on here, those doing great and wonderful and those struggling. I also feel that if you dont like the negative posts, maybe this site is not a right fit for you. After all this is supposed to be a supportive site - all types should be accepted


That’s the boat I’m in. I don’t post when my wheels are coming off. I have posted when they wobble, but not when they are coming completely off. I get so word salad, I don’t think people would be able to understand it.

There are days when I wake up convinced I’m in a different time/space or the days when putting on pants is my biggest accomplishment, or even the days I’m babbling about astral travel, and wondering if the walls taste different today… I do not post.

I don’t even like it when my kid sister has to watch me fight the urge to lick the walls… I’m not going to post when I’m in that head space.

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@CarolineC How exactly are you suffering?
@Twang Please refer them to this page especially those suffering from negative symptoms I can totally relate. Also refer those who have written off meds I’m interested in how they manage without meds and if they fear being hospitalized or being forced to take meds.
@77nick77 describe how you were suffering the first 2 years? Also what do you credit to your recovery?

Positive isn’t the only answer. It’s more of a battle flag. Not everyone subscribes to that war.