Anyone on Vraylar?

My psychiatrist wants to combine Vraylar with my Clozaril
Especially cause of Clozaril side effects and my negative symptoms. Eventually, hopefully, I can get off clozapine

He said it’s very new here in Canada and has had good reviews
Anyone on this medication? How’s it working for you?

Thanks :+1::blush:

Vraylar is now available in Canada?

I’ve been on 6 mg of Vraylar for awhile now. I take it in conjunction with Latuda as my AP.

Vraylar gives me some energy, but doesn’t 100% knock out the negatives. Good med though, I like it

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Yes, very recently he said…

Yes he said helps mood , energy
Less weight gain chances etc

He did also say it’s been good for negatives too, but everyone is different

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In the context of timeline that phase I, II, III trials and psychiatry moves at it is recent but yeah the medication has actually been around a while. It depends on your perception of time I guess :person_shrugging:

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Im on 10 mg olanzapine and 1.5 mg Vraylar, maybe it’s helping a bit with energy and mood, but not sure. I will test it soon, and try to stop and see what happens.

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I am on 300 mg clozapine and 3 mg Vraylar. The Vraylar helps reduce the need to sleep so much but other than that I can’t tell a difference.

Mood? Weight gain?
Not great on negative symptoms?

I got akathisia on lowest dose of Vraylar.

I had akathisia with Abilify
I hope not the case with this one. Apparently it is slightly similar to Abilify

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I hope you don’t get then :pray:

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