Yay Vraylar 3 mg is touching negative symptoms - one week aprox on 3 mg

yay Vraylar 3 mg is touching the negative symptoms - one week aprox on 3 mg

1,5 mg did nothing for 2 weeks my symptoms flare up, successfully switched from Abilify (the gambling addiction anti psychotic) to Vraylar 3 mg the psychosis dosage, since today I feel a minimal improvement in the negative symptoms and it’s only been a week, im not cured yet sadly, but I feel its touching it like no other AP did, i tried almost all Do you want a list? Yes even Clozapine…

I guess this is a small success story so far so (good)


Thats good, this gives me hope when Vraylar will be available here in Canada.


Yes, Aziz i knew you were gonna reply friend :slight_smile:


Can you give us an update on how it is doing for negative symptoms. Do you combine it with exercise or does it work for negatives on its own thank you

I have just started Vraylar too (from Olanzapine).

I was suicidal sad, but no more. Just bearable sad and lots of energy, no sexual dysfunction, i feel like i might have a future ahead of me.

Strange - i had more effect on 1.5 mg than my current 3 mg, so i will try reducing dose.


I started on vraylar about a month ago. im on 1.5mg it feels like it is helping a little but i have all the side effects. i meet with pdoc next week. it makes me totally agitated, td, head aches and has thrown my sleep off. i am trying to weigh the good with the bad. ill give it another week and see if the side effects ease up.

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1 year+ on vraylar 3 mg no terrible side effects

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Give it 6-8 weeks

A little improvement also comes to it’s right.


Yesh i heard of vraylar b4. I havnt really heard of it helping with negative symptoms. I think its similar to abilify and i got a bunch of negative symptoms on that.

It’s said to improve negatives by affecting the D3 receptor but I’ve got no experience with that.

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