Anyone on prozac for ocd intrusive thoughts?

Im on zoloft but having nightmares. So thinking of switching to prozac. Anyone take and it helps with ocd and dont have nightmares from it?


I’ve had patches of really bad nightmares and I’ve used a medicine called prazosin. Works wonders. It’s miraculous. Ask your pdoc about it.

As I understand it Prozac and Zoloft have a similar profile, and both are effective in dealing with OCD symptoms. I wouldn’t know about nightmares and it’s not something I had to deal with with with either.

Yes i used to be on prozac, it helped me with intrusive thoughts

What were your intrusive thoughts like? How long did you take it to find relief?

Why did you stop taking it? Did thoughts come back?

I had constant sexual thoughts like whoever i would look at, my brain would imagine me having sex with that person. I think prozac starts working within few weeks.

All the ADs always made me hallucinate. So I do biofeedback instead. It has really helped control my intrusive thoughts and OCD. Honestly, I did it for 12 years or so, but I haven’t had to do it since last year. It’s just not a struggle for me anymore.

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No since my relapse, I’m on different meds now.

So the prozac took that away?

yes it did

For me Prozac was a great medicine for my OCD, I was on 80 mg but they bumped it down to 40, so I’m not to happy about it. Anyway yes try Prozac, Fluvox was also good.

When I was in jail in Tennessee they were giving some of the inmates 10 mg of Prozac a day. One of those guys started talking about how good he suddenly felt, but he didn’t connect it with the Prozac. If you’re feeling good in jail something is helping you. I wish I had thought to tell him that it probably the Prozac.

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Did you have intrusive thoughts though

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Yes intrusive thoughts, rituals, magical thinking, and repeating words.

The official diagnosis is obsessive compulsive repetitive thoughts or something.

What were your intrusive thoughts like befor prozac?

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How long did it take to find relief?

Before they were more realistic and annoying constantly, it was horrible i could be doing nothing and imagine gruesome things that made me agitated. Now on meds it is better besides the voices and the OCD being unbearable at times I’m fine;.

Took some times for me like 3 weeks or so

So does the prozac help you with the intrusive thoughts im confused

Yes it does what I was saying is it takes a while for it to kick in. But my OCD is under control now thanks to Prozac