Im keen to move from Prozac to ZoLoft!

I feel like Prozac has just stopped working. Sux.

What is your experience with Zoloft?

Do you think I should make the change?


Zoloft has saved my freaking life. I really don’t give it enough credit :joy:


Zoloft really helps my depression, and my intrusive thoughts


Zoloft combines with naltrexone to make me not drink. When I was on naltrexone alone not only did I have depression but still drank 15-20 beers per week but since adding Zoloft. I have maybe drank 4-5 beers total in 2+ years. And no depression anymore. It also seems to help my cognitive skills. When I stopped it I had terrible brain zaps and anxiety. Zoloft is a miracle!! Not as much a miracle as naltrexone and abilify. But nevertheless. A freaking muricle!!!


Zoloft has been great, also with my OCD, but it has ceased now to be effective so I/doc. will be looking for a replacement.


I just started zoloft a few weeks ago so I’m hoping it will work for me. My pdoc says he’s cautiously optimistic about the results.

I was on Zoloft briefly and it didn’t work well for my OCD symptoms,

It also didn’t help with my anxiety.

I feel like it messed with my libido too.

All together, wasn’t my medication.

But I hope it works for you like it does for many other forum members.

I was on zoloft for years it worked well. I switched because I needed something stronger

It’s working well for me.

I have been on both, and I prefer Zoloft. Prozac made my anxiety bad even when taking Klonopin, and Zoloft didn’t. Both worked on my depression. (I am now on Lexapro).

Hows the zoloft working for your ocd?

Are you on zyprexa and zoloft?

@LovelyCreature No, Zyprexa and Lexapro.

Do you have ocd?

What do you take for ocd?

Zoloft is an excellent ssri, works great. Wish I could take it. Wish I could take Prozac too. Either one is a great medicine. Both make me manic. I’m taking Cymbalta instead. It does ok, I guess. It helps with my back pain a little and works on the depression some.

It is working great! Much more relaxed. Less depression. Less ocd. Still some anxiety but much improved. And I am much less dizzy. Lithium was awful. So glad for the change

When did zoloft kick in for those thoughts

Few weeks to a month, they slowly became less and less common. I still get them occasionally, but not nearly as bad

@LovelyCreature No, I don’t have OCD.