Anyone have success on prozac fluoxetine for ocd intrusive thoughts?

I have severe OCD thoughts of things that are bizarre and scary at times. Im trying to find the right medication. Zoloft made me and life feel unreal. I couldnt cry it was weird. So please if you’ve gotten relief from this medicine please let me know. Im desperate for relief and dont jnow what to believe from reviews on

I found that at low doses Prozac calmed my thoughts

I have bad intrusive thoughts that ill do something i dont believe in whatsoever… relate or nah?

Ive read a few posts from people taking zyprexa causing them…

I’ve had terrible thoughts, despicable thoughts, that sickened me that they could be in my head. I’ve had to do therapy over the guilt and learned that’s just the illness, I didn’t put those thoughts there. It’s hard but we have to do our best to cope. I do good now though.

I think the rexulti really helps me with obsessive thoughts - and not taking too much ssri helps keep my brain going in a straight line

Do they prescribe that in the us?

They are going to bump me quite a bit if i dont get any manic issues. For ocd prozac is higher in doses

Rexulti? Yes. I’m in the US. I love it. I don’t obsess about stuff too much at all.

Isnt that a newer med?

I can’t take Prozac of Zoloft I went manic on both of them and needed to be hospitalized

Yes, It’s a new generation atypical anti-psychotic

How long did it take for you to become manic? I sure hope it dont happen to me…

Oh I would say within a month or so

I hear it happens quickly

I had no clue I was manic

Really!? What happened

Ive been so poff and depressed since invega depot poison…

Oh I started spending, and acting weird and sex and not sleeping and not wanting to take my meds or go to my appointments and soon enough it came to a head and I was using drugs and I tried to kill myself

Sounds like mania holy shiiizzz