Anyone on prozac for ocd intrusive thoughts?

What other meds do you take? Im on zyprexa

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If you are on Zyprexa then Prozac will help you even more.

But I’m on Invega shot, visteril, gabapentin, benzotropine, trazadone, prazosin, benadryl, and melatonin.

Why will zyprexa prozac combo help even more? Do you know someone on that combo?

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A dr in my city told me Zyprexa and Prozac go great together and even come in a pill form of the two. I used to strictly on Zyprexa separated from prozac and only because my Prozac was 80 mg and they didnt have that. Does this make sense?

Yeah makes sense. I heard that as well from my dr today.

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Yes, if you could you should go on it. I suggest it.

A person once told me you need a high dose of Prozac to treat obsessionality. Like 40mg plus

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They started me on 10

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Yeah I am sure your doc knows best.

Everyone is different so different doses

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I use celexa for my OCD, but I had a lot more than just intrusive thoughts.

Should I go on prozac for ocd intrusive thoughts? Just wondering.

So your not on prozac anymore

I’m not on Zyprexa but I’m still on Prozac.

Invega ruined my memory and has made me feel worse

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I understand. Today It got switched to fluphenazine