Anyone on amisulpride for depression/negative symptoms?

Im on abilify 10 mg and olanzapine 5 mg, but still have a lot of depressive / negative symptoms.

I dont take any Ad, cause they don’t work in my case, even in high doses

Now my Pdoc want to simplify my meds and replace abilify + olanzapine with Amisulpride.

Anyone tried amisulpride for negative symptoms or depression?

Amisulpride is the best antipychotic in known universe. What dosage do you take? I was on amisulpride, felt great but my prolactin levels were to high and had to quit because of it.

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Thanks and sorry to hear you had to quit a medicine that worked for you.
I started today with 50 mg. The plan is to increase dose at least up to 200 mg.
Normally i dont get the prolactin sideeffect from antipyshcotic medicine.

Did you get any other sideffects than prolactin disturbance?

No. No other side effect. My boobs had started to grow but that is because of high prolactin levels.

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I take amisulpride since 1999 when I was on my 1st episode. It was okay during 10 years : no major positive/negative symptoms and moderate anxiety. Then I experienced work burn out and unemployment plus some personal difficulties. That was in 2009. I started developing negative symptoms with depression. Ten years later, today in 2020 I take 500mg/day of amisulpride and 50mg sertraline and I still have a lot of negative symptoms : clinophilia, avolition, anhedonia, carelessness, cognitive deficit… In my case, amisulpride does not make miracle. But perhaps it would be worse with another AP. After that said, each case is different and reacts differently to medications. So why not try?

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I’ve taken amisulpride for seven years now and it’s an excellent med. It does help with depression and negative symptoms bit not completely in my case. My pdoc at the time put me on low dose of olanzapine to help with depression and later another pdoc put me also on lamotrigine a mood stabiliser.

If I relapse - whether with psychosis or depression or hypomania and take a higher dose of my amisulpride it helps a lot.

Hope it works for you too!

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I function well on Amisulpride.

Have taken it for two years at 800mg a day.

My prolactin is very high, but I am staying on it for now

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Thanks for all the answers, i give it at go and hope it works well.
Try reading this to find out which ap has the best effects for negative symptoms

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Thanks, just a quick read, and i think this might be the drug for me:

“Clozapine, amisulpride, zotepine, olanzapine, and risperidone reduced overall symptoms significantly more than many other drugs”

I have just started with 50 mg amisupride and it’s probably placebo, but i feel slightly better on day 2… I really hope it works, because my pdoc said if it doesn’t, i have to take Clozapine

And another quote from the lancet article:

“Clozapine, amisulpride, olanzapine, and, to a lesser extent, zotepine and risperidone reduced negative symptoms significantly more than many other drugs.”

There’s the graph below with dots reading those might be faster

Try amisulpride and abilify to lower your prolactin levels

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