Hey guys,

Hope ya all well :slight_smile:

So im starting amisulpride as an add on and then hopefully move to it completely.

What have been your pros and cons taking it ?


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It was the first AP I tried. It gave me sedation and dizziness. I hope your experience will be much better.

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Thanks man,

Hope it goes well

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Hi, Wallafish,
I had been on Amisulpride 200mg daily for 6years. It was very strong in terms of controlling the positive symptoms, It was also good for negative symptoms. The only shortcoming was high prolactin level which made me extremely tired and anxious.


I take 800mg a day for two years and it has worked well.

Only criticism is high prolactin and a bit of akasthsia and that’s about it

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Thanks peeps.

Im not taking a huge dose so it should be fine to start off with.

Thanks for ya comments :slight_smile:


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Yea even on low dose like 50mg, it raised my prolactin to high levels. Studies say its good for positive symptoms and negative symptoms.

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its kind of like a wonder drug for me, idk much about prolactin but i am symptom free on a low dose, i only get mild side effects but they are still noticable.

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Best med in the known universe. Apart from side effects (high prolactin levels). For me , in some cases, even better than clozapine.

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I take 200-300mg amisulpride. It’s a wonderful med. Not much side effects mainly just loss of sex drive but that doesn’t bother me. It helps a lot for my positive symptoms and negatives as well.

Nice to see you on here again @anon39015889! Hope things go well with your new med.

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Thanks for the replies folk,

Ima start it Monday

@Hadeda hows the cape weather treating ya?

Lekker cold! Loving it! :blush::snowflake:

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hows the new med? I think it came to usa this year but not sure

its ok drug ,it has lot of sideffects though.i have to take valium with it and benztropine.