Who has tried Amulsipride for their negatives and have they had success?

I’m thinking about changing APs from Invega to Amulsipride. Has anyone tried Amulsipride for their negatives, what did you think?

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(it is not available in the USA) never have tried it.

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I can’t really comment on the negative symptoms, as I have always countered this with a hyper-focus drive that I cannot explain. It’s starting to fail me though recently.

I have taken Amisulpride for two years. It works well on my symptoms to the point where I am the most ‘normal’ I have ever been since diagnosis.

I picked it over Clozapine, as the side effects profile of that drug was too similar to what I had on Olanzapine.

I have lost weight on Amisulpride, but I have high prolactin. Doctor made the decision that the benefits of taking it outweigh the risk. I thought that should be my decision however, but I am not going to create issues as med changes have been a painful experience for me in the past

It is! Since February!

I see it was approved for post operation nausea in USA in February.

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I have taken amisulpride for seven years and it helped with negative symptoms depending on my dosage. I take my minimum dose (200mg) so I still get negatives but if I take 400mg it helps more. But not completely.


Check this to find the best suited medicine for you, for negative symptoms as well