Amisulpride May Be Most Effective Antipsychotic for Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia


in those with predominant negative symptoms, only amisulpride was found to be significantly better than placebo for negative symptoms. When comparing antipsychotics with each other in the predominant group, cariprazine was superior to risperidone, whereas a small study saw olanzapine outperform haloperidol in reducing negative symptoms. There were no significant differences between medications when analyzing for positive symptoms or depression.

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Like 2% more effective for treating negative symptoms…!!! Which is negligeble.


I need more info, at what doses? Does the effect last over time? Was the effect seen in everyone? I’m too lazy to read the article myself. I’m not obliging anyone to summarize though, mostly because I feel like the article is a buzz kill when you really read through it. From what I did read, Amisulpride is the most effective of antipsychotics and the only one to beat placebo, but the effect was not significant enough for Amisulpride to carry the indication to treat negative symptoms. I may just be rambling here with a very limited understanding, but am I right? Feel free to inform me or shoot me down.


It’s enough to be statistically significant. Do you have this med in Nepal? Why not try it before you discount it?


I would like to emphasize, LOW DOSE amisulpride, something like 100-150 mg per day.
This is the recommended dose for negative symptoms.
Good luck!
and yes @LED this med is available in Nepal.
And in Israel as well.


As a side thought, I’m taking a course in statistics for psychology and some of that information in parentheses is just starting to kind of make sense to me. Lets see where I am at the end of the semester!


Is amisulpride the same thing as abilify?


Amisulpride kills my sex drive, and I never feel more negative than having this very important aspect of any human’s life killed. I hate this drug, almost as much as haloperidol which gave me TD for awhile.


No it’s a different med.


I’ve never heard of it. Interesting. I’m too afraid to switch my meds.


Same here. Took me 6 years to find the right med. Not switching for a supposedly 2 percent difference.


It is not available in USA.


Are u kidding amisulpride is available everywhere…!!!


From Wiki:

It was introduced by Sanofi-Aventis in the 1990s. Its patent had expired by 2008 and hence generic formulations are now available.[9] It is marketed in all English-speaking countries except for Canada and the United States.[8]


Okay friend thank u… what are the soon coming antipsychotic for negative and cognitive symptoms…!!! Do u have any idea friend @robertc…!!!


Far cryo I heard lumateperone might help cognition some. That is the only one likely to come out in the next year or so.
Unfortunately the meds come out slowly if ever.



What about sep 856 aut00206 min 101 …??


i take this, i am not surprised, it helps me immensely with every symptom positive/negative and all i get is the odd bit of tiredness but that will wear off after a while, i take 100mgs in the morning and at night :slight_smile:

idk why its not more widely available, it has another name (solian) people might recognise that. :slight_smile:


Where do you see 2% I don’t see 2%. Or did you try it and that was how it felt?


I take 150mg. It’s a good med, but it has caused hormonal issues and weight gain.