Anyone on 2mg risperidone? What are the sexual side effects?

I’ve been on 3mg risperidone for about two years with no positive symptoms. I have had some weight gain but the biggest side effect is loss of libido which I understand is caused by elevated prolactin levels. I’m lowering my dose after getting ok from psychiatrist. I’m lowering to 2.5mg for next six months and then to 2mg. Want to know if I can expect any improvement on 2.5 or 2mg. Tried ability and it didn’t work and there’s no other meds my medical aid will cover that I’m willing to try. I’m high functioning on the risperidone. Own my own place in a long term relationship and full-time employed so I think the risperidone has worked wonders for me.


Been on 2.5mg for five days got some withdrawal feeling wired up which I had before when lowering. Noticed eating a bit less and smoking less too. No change in libido though.

Go on A medicine with less sexual
Side effect

Risperidone is the bomb!
Eradicates my positive symptoms and keeps my moods in check.

I’ve gone as high as 5mg for a short while and as low as 1.5 mg.

Right now I’m at the 4mg mark but going to ask my doctor if I can drop it to 3mg.

My target dose would be 2mg eventually.

I noticed less sexual related side effects at 2mg.

Good luck @MisterCrowley

Thanks. Hope I cope on 2mg. I was fine on 2mg risperidone and 15mg ability but was only on it for a month while we where removing the risperidone and switching to ability relapsed after 30 days exactly without risperidone and was on 1mg risperidone and 30mg ability with no positive symptoms. Had a lot of anxiety though and not sure if it was less respiradone or the ability. I might actually be able to cope with 1mg but if I go anything lower than 2mg it will be in 0.25 increments over six month periods. Currently doing 0.5 increments over six month periods from 3mg to 2mg

This was very useful information you gave reason I’m always on this forum when switching or adjusting meds

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Did you notice cognitive improvements when dose is lowered because I noticed that with me. I get withdrawals when I decrease though which is why I do it also in small increments

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My highest was also five and my lowest was 1mg but that was first episode for two weeks before I switched to fluonxol for a research study

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Yes I notice cognitive improvements on lower doses.

My sex drive is normal on 4mg Risperdal. I was too hypersexual on Abilify. I naturally have a high sex drive I think.

Maube its also bcz I am still young, 30 y.o.

I think that’s a rebound psychosis from going off your medicine too fast

I got sexual side effects from the tablets but risperidone consta injection I have no sexual side effects.

I’m waiting for medical aid to cover the injection it’s not covered yet but when the generics are out here then it’s only a years wait max before it’s covered.

No woman will have sex with me.