Anyone not seen a pdoc in a year

I had to reschedule this months appointment so it pushed forward by 2 months. I have not seen anyone in 1.5 years about my mental health

Geez. Mine won’t refill my meds if I don’t see her every three months!

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I see mine about once every two months… unless I’m having a hard time… then it’s once a month.

I couldn’t imagine not going for a full year.


It’s mandatory I see mine every two months

That’s an awful long time not to see your pdoc, is there a reason besides getting pushed?

Nope, I enjoy seeing my doctor. I want to suffer less, not more.


i see a different pdoc each time i visit the clinic which is every 3 months :art:

I make sure I see my pdoc every 2 weeks - 1 year is an absurdly long time.

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I haven’t seen a pdoc in over a year but i see a cpn every 2 weeks.

Are you based in the UK? I am and the psychiatric services here are SQUEEZED to say the least. I see my doc about every 4-6 months. Think this is quite common over here (especially if they think you are “stable” on meds).

Most of my care comes from the community mental health team - CPN, support workers, crisis teams and out of hours serviced). I see these guys at least once a week and they are only a phone call away. The CMHT meets my pdoc once a week and gives them feedback on how I am doing.

I am quite happy with this set up - means I have avoided hospital on a number of occasions. My doctor/patient relationship is good, frank and honest. Since I have all this support I don’t mind seeing my pdoc every 4 months.

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I don’t have much of a choice they see me and discharge me every time.

I HATE when that happens. It happened to me so often with my old therapist I left her. If you’re so busy that I have to wait like 2 months to see you next then I don’t want you. You’re probably so busy you barely have time for me anyways. Whatever.

I see a therapist who is also a nurse practitioner so she can prescribe medicine. Very convenient! 2 in 1 mental health provider.

If I see my pdoc once every 2 months I think I’m doing really well. Lucky to live in a city where our system is considered one of the best in Canada. I know it’s nice to have someone to talk to, but he also has patients to see at one of the military bases to the north. When my self esteem was next to nothing several years ago I was seeing him once every week at times. I just had to stop playing the victim. The less I need to see him, the more I can take care of myself and be less of a drain on the staff at the clinic.