How often do you visit ur pdoc?

How often do you visit your pdoc?

Once a month 1515

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Once a month :deer::deer::deer:

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Once every 3 months. We’re a month behind because of the weather this year.

once every 3 months. I really don’t like to see her.

2 times a year tops.

I wish my doctor do like that
But he insists i visit him every two months or 1 month :angry::angry::angry:

Once a month, every week or two weeks when I’m not doing well.

He doesn’t seem to want me to come for a visit. So I stopped going for a while.

Every four weeks for my Abilify injections.

I normally see my CPN every month or two as well though, plus whatever extra stuff she gives me. I dont mind though I get on with my CPN, it is not like an analysis thing when I meet her.

Every eight weeks

I see him once a month. He thinks I can go less but I like to stay on top of things. Maybe I am a bit paranoid about my illness.


For the first time in a long time, my pdoc wants me to see her after a month. For the past year or so, it’s been once every 1 to 2 weeks.

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Every month to 6 weeks. I’m very grateful. He has really done a lot for me figuring stuff out.

2 to 3 months. Sometimes earlier

Once a month.
Sometimes every 3 weeks.

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Every three months. I have a friend who has a different mental illness. His pdoc saw him once a year. He got reviewed for disability. They pulled his medical records. Then they sent him some letter that was like obviously if your seeing your dr once a year your doing pretty good
We dont think your disabled anymore.

Once a month. When I’m not doing well (like in December), I see him every week.

Now it’s about every three months but the first several years it was at least once a week.

I certainly don’t miss those days.