Anyone like Wellbutrin?

I have been on Lexapro 11 years I didn’t want to change it so that’s why he added the Wellbutrin100mg he was going to drop the Lexapro and I didn’t want to do that since it works and I have been on it for a long time and it still works after all this time. I also take Abilify5mg and had taken it as long as the Lexapro I just needed something to give me more energy cause all I want to do is sleep all day and night so he said the Wellbutrin may give me the energy I seek and maybe just maybe if I am lucky I can shed some weight with the Wellbutrin I am on day three and so far no side effects I will stay on it as long as I keep having no side effects and plus I was up early this morning which I am looking to do I want to sleep 8 to 10 hours is my goal not 16 hours like I had been sleeping.This is my first time ever trying wellbutrin and it seems to be helping me have a little more energy so far well see I will stay on it as long it works for me as well as the other two I am on.

That’s what it does. Just keep your eyes peeled. (“Too much of a good thing may not be.”)

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My eyes were so peeled it gave me insomnia!

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Oooooo. (But, yeah, a good thing taken too far may not be.)

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Lamictal is a mood stabilizer that at low mgs has antidepressant affects. It is very commonly given to bipolar patients to help with depression, and has shown overall greater affects in stabilizing than depakote without having the toxic liver affects that depakote has. The only common concern is the chance of a severe rash for a small number of people. Common practice is to start with 25mg and titrate up to 150mg. Studies of doses higher show reactive psychosis.

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The only problem with Lamictal lamotrigine for sz pts is that it sometimes interacts with anti-Ps in unfortunate ways. It might be worth a shot, but I’d be prepared for “upshots.” Ll is a =great= little med for the non-psychotic bipolar, though.

I like it so far why because I haven’t had any bad side effects like weight gain actually I have lost a few pounds since being on Wellbutrin another positive note is I don’t feel as hungry as before when I was just on Abilify and Lexapro all I wanted to do was eat and that was probably the abilify doing that making me hungry all the time. Now that I added Wellbutrin I get full fast and feel more energized when I wake up in the morning I am actually awake and not wanting to sleep some more. And I have even lost a few pounds since being on it and I have only been on Wellbutrin for almost two weeks. I am also going to cut out pop completely tomorrow and start drinking more tea and water coke and diet pop isn’t the best thing for you even diet pop can be bad for you and cause high blood pressure and make you have cravings that’s what my nurse told me so tomorrow I will be strictly drinking tea in the morning and water in the evening and when I go out to eat I will either get ice water or tea to drink I am going to do this and eliminate pop from my diet forever. And for those wondering what pop is its coke Pepsi products anything containing caffeine or sugar that’s carbonated is what I call pop.

We call it pop here in minnesooota too.

Glad you found something that works for you!

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@Jumanji I didn’t know if anyone knew what I meant by pop I have always called it that since I could talk I am glad I found something that works without the side effect of weight gain perhaps now finally I will be able to lose some weight I need to anyway to heavy its getting bad on my knees and my Health would improve even if I just lost 10 pounds I would be happier.

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Hope it works out for you! It’s great when you find something that works. I’m still on my pill marry go round.

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I abused them. Doc gave. Me a second chance. Abused them again. Gave me a third chance abused them once again. Srs

Srs I never herd of abusing Wellbutrin. It would give me a migraine.

I did the smart thing and maxed the dosage. Genius move. On my part

It makes me agitated and annoyed easily.

Would be cool to take it Again. I won’t go up to 600mg and I will take it in the mourning

That’s a lot. The most I ever took was 400mg and I never got good sleep, for that whole year.

Now if I took that much, I’d probably hallucinate and get drunk to relieve the disturbance.

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