Anyone like Wellbutrin?

I take 75mg IR just for a little kick in my ass. I think it helps…Too much makes me agitated.

I like it so far. It calms my mind + makes me lighter + more relaxed. Thanks for that about - too much makes me agitated.

Does it make you agitated? I use to take up to 400mg and I was a spaz that was before I went skitzo. So now if I took 400mg I probably wouldn’t sleep and would freak out from voices. It’s activating for me.

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I took Effexor and Wellbutrin together before and it was really activating…I think it’s part of what initially made me skitzo, them in combo with stimulant abuse. One day I just snapped and felt telepathic and herd voices and didn’t go away even when I quit everything. Hope you find what works good for you :smile:

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I’ve just started wellbutrin about 1 month ago. I’ve been taking effexor for a long time. Currently I’m on both, though some dose adjustments will happen. I’m told that the two can be taken together…they complement each other- they work on different receptors or whatever. So I can’t really answer your question, except to say that wellbutrin makes me more relaxed + lighter and I seem to be doing more things - not as much time in bed. Effexor simply staves off the depression I had before I took it.

Yeah, I’m hoping to get off effexor to see if my dreams return.- We’ll see.

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I did notice when I jumped to 3 45 mgs a day to 2 45’s I wasn’t as calm + peacefu as at first.l. I’.m going to go back and try the two 45’s again.

The wellbutrin also seems to be good against my constant thinking. I had no control over my thoughts before. Now I can stop it at a quiet time + the underlying thinking that goes on + on doesn’t seem to be there.

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Its my life savior :heart_decoration:

It gets you out of bed. Right?

I don’t know yet I am only on day two of taking Wellbutrin but will keep everyone posted on whether its a good drug for me and if it works or not Side effects if any I hope I don’t have any etc… I also take Abilify5mg and Lexapro10mg and I take Wellbutrin100mg in the morning and the other two at bedtime.

Ok. Good luck!!!

thanks will keep everyone posted so far no side effects with Wellbutrin its now the third day after a week I should know whether or not I will have side effects I hope not and if I do I am hoping and wishing weight loss is one of the side effects.

I will suggest monitoring for irritability, agitation, impulsivity, impatience, frustration, and reactive anger.

How long have you been on Lexapro? 10 mgs is a low dose. (Wondering why the doc didn’t step it up to 15 or 20 rather than go with an anti-D that is relatively crude by comparison to escitalopram.)

I dont take it anymore. It makes me irritated easy.

I have mixed reviews on Wellbutrin. For many patients experiencing psychotic symptoms it changes the dopamine levels and tends to aggravate symptoms, for that matter so does Effexor. Both medications are extremely hard to discontinue with side effects lasting as long as six to nine months after last dose. I personally am on Wellbutrin, have been on Effexor in the past. Both drugs in my case work for a limited time before my chemistry acclimated to it and discontinues working. Personally I find better success with lamictal.

What will lamictal do for me??? I’m bipolar with psychosis. Effexor makes me delusional and hear people telling me Happy Birthday. Wellbutrin makes me want to punch someone

High five on all that.

Yup. Effexor venlafaxine and Wellbutrin buproprion came along relatively early in The Game. The both seemed like good ideas at the time, but save for short-term use to, say, jump-start AD effects when the long-term strategy is to move to more modern and less “heavy-handed” formulations in a few weeks, they are no longer (good ideas) for most pts.

Moreover, they should be used extremely cautiously with pts who are not truly physiologically depressed… and almost never (for damned sure) with pts in the depressive dive of bipolar disorder.