Anyone know how to lose weight besides excersising

im 250lbs and I aint got time for excersise and besides im lazy af. maybe im fat from all the chips I eat but I personally think its these fvcking meds I used to be normal size but thank goodness for fvcking meds NOT!!!

Dammit bo calm down. Get on a treadmill STAT. And watch your calories. I did my first real physical activity in the last 3 or 4 months this morning. It was good.

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surgery, surgery, surgery! my mom did it! though I never did… seems a little too risky…

my mom was always braver than me :disappointed_relieved:

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I can control my appetite very well on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg. It completely changed my self control when it comes to eating and drinking. I might even quit smoking on it.

Stop eating things with sugar in them it will help with the cravings and you will loose weight. It’s not easy but worth it.

Suck the fat out or lap band surgery. Think you will put it back on in a few month if you don’t try moving more. Just a walk for an hour a day can help. I’ve lost like 50kg (110lbs) since last year just by walking and eating a little less. Never thought I’d loss any on the meds but did.


eat less. really its as simple as that. move more and eat less. the more you move, the more you can eat. the less you move, the less you can eat

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I’ve lost 70lbs since January doing Weight Watchers. Recently I joined Overeaters Anonymous which has helped me. I struggle with negative symptoms so I don’t exercise. I read losing weight is 80% what you eat and only 20% exercise. It has proven true for me. Good luck. :sunny:


I think Eskimos have an extra layer of fat because they live in a cold environment and people in the tropics tend to be thin because they live in a warm environment. If I wanted to lose weight without working at it, I think I’d wear extra clothing so that my body could figure out it wanted to lose weight.


Exercise and cutting back on your diet. I went on a diet freshmen year to lose the 10 or so lbs I gained and it was this
-No fried foods
-No sweets or desserts unless it’s a special occasion
-No comfort food (mac n cheese, pasta, in your case chips, etc…)
-only one entree per meal (can’t get salmon and tacos, for example)
It worked very well and I did lose 10 lbs from this diet without exercising. Unfortunately due to my bad depressive episode I have been unmotivated and unable to implement this again to try to lose the weight I gained from risperdal…

Only exercise and diet will affect your weight unless you take drugs or get gastric bypass or something.

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Intermittent fasting has helped me maintain my weight. I eat a light meal once a day. Try and eat all your calories for the day in one or two big meals and fast the rest of the day.


Its called low carbohydrate diet.

This diet is found in the Appendix of the book Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes and is an example of a low carbohydrate diet. [1]


Just eat healthy and real foods. Not processed or crap foods. A good rule is, anything that comes out of a box or a plastic bag, is instant and doesn’t require preparation, is usually not good.
Use online calculators and get an estimate (hard to be exact) of your BMR. Use that as a guideline for calories.
I personally try to stick to whole foods with a low glycemic index. It keeps me from being hungry, most of the time.

If I eat foods that raise my blood sugar too quickly, it affects my mood, and I get panic attacks.
I am also a vegan, but that is my personal choice.
I love working out, but like you I have no time, or I just get too depressed to do it. A good way to do it is to take a least one hour out of every day to at least go for a nice nature walk. My logic is, what would I be doing with that hour anyways? Sitting on my ass? On my phone, maybe? Doing nothing productive anyways, I’m sure. What’s one hour out of my day, really?
However, these days the most exercise I get is when I walk up the stairs, haha.

So you want to lose weight @ScarfaceCapone?

It’s not so difficult really.

Try cutting back on eating lots of processed carbs, this means no potato chips.

Walk for like 30 minutes a day - it doesn’t have to be all at once either.

Absolutely no Soda or Candy or Desserts!

Good luck!

I’m going to start practicing what I’m preaching :slight_smile:

Exercise doesn’t have to be some kind of torture. Try to find something that isn’t hard for you to do. If not walking, then maybe swimming. Maybe walking in a swimming pool. If you go out walking take along a friend so you can socialize. Or, just walk back and forth in your room for a while. You don’t have to torture yourself. Just do enough to burn a few calories. You might surprise yourself. You might like it.

Exercise helps with weight loss. Well, it burns calories and tones you so you look better. But the main thing may be that it regulates appetite.


I’m driven after 2nd or 3rd day to sprint

Lots of protein

No snacks or sweets

Love my pasta dishes too

Tea and coffee


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I heard the 20/20 diet is good.

calories. keep track of them. slowly lower your calorie intake, don’t do it drastically because then you will feel hungry often. lol.
it honestly doesn’t matter what you eat, it just depends on how many calories you eat per day. so eat wisely, is the better option.
i did this, mainly bc i got really sick, so i had to do the opposite of that!

For some people it’s important to figure out specifically where their diet is working against them.

For example, if someone feels constantly hungry or feels a constant compulsion to eat, then they might want to work on filling up or munching on lower calorie, nutrient dense snacks like baby carrots.

If someone has a ton of sugar in their diet, then they might want to work on substituting with lower calorie, nutrient dense foods that will still satisfy sweet cravings, such as blueberries or blackberries.

Some people need to feel “full” before being able to sleep well at night, so something like chicken broth with vegetables could be very filling right before bed without actually being a lot of calories, but the heat + sodium would still give that comfort/full feeling.


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