Anybody sucessfully lose weight?

It’s time to lose weight. I don’t want to exercise. Has anybody lost weight successfully through diet alone and kept it off, if so, do you have any tips/advice.

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I lost over 30 lbs but I eat less, like 2 meals a day and walk at least half an hour or more even in my own home.

I would consider doing some light walking, even if its pacing back and forth in your own flat or house - any sort of movement is healthy and is a must to control high blood glucose levels.

Its no big deal really


Well that’s your problem. Exercise and eating healthier are two main components in losing weight. Plus exercise is really healthy for you.

If you want to go the medicine route, you could try Topamax and Wellbutrin.

Cutting back the Seroquel helped…

learning to cook and trying to educate my self about hidden sugar in food and cutting down the butter and bread helped…

But I have a physical job and I’ve been back into swimming for real again… that has helped more then anything. walks… up and down the front steps… stuff like that does make a difference.

Good luck

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I try to lose weight, maybe 5-10 kilograms (10-20 pounds), it is still difficult although I eat healthy and ride my bicycle a lot, today I did ride over 15 kilometers. Need to exercise more.

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Only by changing meds has that happened to me. The weight just melted off in a couple of months. Still debating if the 3 month involuntary stay was worth it though. Was when they changed me back despite my pleas.

Exercise doesn’t have to be much. Just go for a walk once a day. Any exercise helps to burn off the rubbish in your body to help stave off depression. Something like a walk is great for sz. As helps to get some clarity with our thinking. Also to get out of the house.

Know you are not alone and a battle most of us have to face. Just start off slowly and build up slowly to make it part of your daily routine. Are also a lot of options to choose from in a group, home gym, Gyms, Walk on your own, go swimming, bike riding etc etc etc.

I could consider a cheap exercise bike I guess.

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I successfully lose it. Then I successfully regain it.




My brother is the funniest guy on the planet in my mind…

I’ve gained weight because of the Abilify med. I showed him a recent picture of myself and said to him…“The camera adds 10 pounds”

To which my Bro replied…

"How many cameras were on you?



You should see if you can do gentle exercise like walking. The most important factor determining your weight is your metabolism. Exercise increases your metabolism. I have been pacing back and forth in my room, and I’ve lost about twenty pounds. In the beginning I ate less, but then my old eating habits returned. My weight stayed down, and I think I might still be losing weight. Any exercise at all is good. If you could just increase your daily activity even a little it would help. Maybe you could find a partner to go out walking with you.


Weight is a tricky subject. There are two major factors that contribute to physical weight - which is carbohydrate & water weight, which stores easily and is contingent upon a lot of things - like season & weather. Your weight is not always a reflection of how much fat you have. I’m assuming you want to lower bodyfat, but feel comfortable. Again, don’t be so tricked by the numbers game of weight scales, it’s not a reflection of true body fat.

If you don’t want to exercise intensely, then a diet high in micronutrients, especially B-vitamins, vitamin-C, & iron is necessary. There are also some very cost-effective fat burners out there that work. Basically, anything that utilizes CLA, L-Carnitine, or Green Tea are pretty effective. I have never needed a fat burner, but have acknowledged that I am aging and I will be on one next year during Winter & Spring to help cut seasonal fats off the body (fat metabolism slowing). is where I shop for fat burners. I’d recommend LeanMode; stimulant-free, no exercise necessary, cost-efficient, 2-3 capsules daily.

Other than that, I’d still recommend lots of rest/sleep and at least some form of casual walking (if your brain feels up to it). Always keep the brain & central-nervous system content, don’t stress it too much or you might end up gaining more fats back.

I do that sometimes but only have a smallish hallway to pace in.

Losing and regaining has always been my problem. I think it’s an all too common problem.

For me, it happened with the first 40lbs when I went off the clozapine. With all the newfound energy and life force I started to cook everything from scratch, hardly anything processed, low carbs, almost no sugar. It just melted off, but then hey I was a hungry zombie on clozapine. But then half a year later I was back in the hospital, so I don’t recommend stopping the going off your meds. I’ve recently gotten into weight lifting. You could do bodyweight exercises in your home without breaking a sweat, that’d boost your metabolism.

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The easiest way to lose weight is restricting your calorie intake. I lost weight quickly on a 1200 calorie diet without exercise. Depending on your age and weight, you could eat up to 1500 calories a day and still lose weight. Try one of those calorie counting sites, eat fruits for breakfast, protein for lunch and salad for dinner. If counting calories sounds like a hassle, I heard some people lost weight on cutting out stuff, for example, week 1, you stop drinking soda. week 2, you stop eating desserts. Week three you replace bread with vegetables. There’s a protein diet called the dukan diet, my friend did and she lost 20 pounds. I think it involves a lot of eggs. I lost the weight I had gained on Abilify and have kept it off for the past 1 year. If you start dieting, slowly you appetite changes and you will no longer be able to eat large meals. You’ll be full quicker. Try keeping healthy snacks in your fridge, unsalted nuts, carrots, celery and drink a lot of water. When I worked a full time job, I did all the cooking on sunday afternoon. I would cook up to five meals and divide them up into small containers and freeze them. During the week, I could focus on my work, knowing I always have healthy meals in the fridge. If you have motivation, you can batch cook your meals on the weekend and enjoy your freedom during the week.


well, I can and have cut weight very rapidly whilst on my meds. I do insane dieting and exercise though.

But you dont have to.

You could just do something like eat brunch and dinner on a diet and then walk half an hour or more a day. It’s really all about what you eat, to be honest. Like three bites of some foods can undo 30mins of jogging on a treadmill. It’s better to just go on a diet.

Try cereal with skim milk for brunch, maybe some eggs like three boiled eggs not fried or scrambled with it for protein, then something like a medium serving of pasta and vegetables and chicken breast for dinner. That’s like 1200 cal even if you eat junk food cereal and eat alfredo pasta with cheese on it. That and walking should totally make you lose weight.

Or you could eat more normally and jog like 30mins and burn the same.

I eat rather a lot to be silly but I am a heavy lifter and I also jog 3 miles on my lower body week. It’s actually hard to eat enough HEALTHY food to keep my weight up. It is so easy and tempting to stuff my face with junk for calories. Excessive muscle mass means excessive need for protein and carbohydrates.

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I’m on resperidone and I lost 78 lbs without exercising. And I would venture to say that it was relatively easy.

yes but it is just a start for me. I recommend weight watchers highly. they give loads of support and the program is designed to be as easy as possible.

try it – you’ll like it.


I recently lost a lot of weight, over 30 lbs but I weighed myself yesterday and this morning and noticed that I regained like 4 pounds - I figured it out - too much Mayonnaise lately and I cut back on the walking a bit.

Going to get rid of the Mayo today and increase my walking by another 30 minutes to at least an hour for the day.

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Anyone ever try that stuff Alli? It’s fad approved otc so you don’t digest fat. My new insurance will pay for this, am thinking of trying it… this new plan I’ve got is pretty neat it’s medicare/medicaid. I get $110 a month to spend on otc stuff on a debit card and $1000 a year for things like contacts, gym membership, etc. I do have copays now for drugs but they are $1/3/6. Its so overwhelming to go from next to nothing to so.much.