Off the wagon

Help! I’ve been off meds for a week or so and I don’t wanna relapse, like always, just trying to loose weight. Its getting out of control and my primary says I need to loose at least 30 lbs to be out of risk of diabetes :frowning:
Unfortunately for me, the med has been working beautifully at keeping me sane. What to do?!?!

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If you’re having trouble losing weight while on med’s, see if there is some type of exercise you can sneak up on to help you burn calories. If you can’t walk, swim. If jogging feels good, do that. If it feels bad, try walking. Maybe you have some dumb bells you can do a light routine with. Try to do something. You don’t have to train like you’re getting ready for the olympics. Just do enough to burn some calories.


I know it’s easier said than done, but you need to take your meds and then limit your eating. Exercising also helps, but if you eat too much you will gain weight anyway. It is possible to limit your eating even when on meds that increase your appetite.


The most important thing is to take meds, i think. You can limit your diet calories and do some simple sports, like walk. Then after losing some weight, you can do some sports, like running , swimming, etc.


I agree with all that has been said. Take your meds, control your diet and exercise!


I agree too!

Meds are the most important for such a risky disease that we have.

Weight can be slowly managed.

Personally I’d rather be tubby than in the ICU.


"Been there done that. Burned the T shirt. "
Told to me by a fellow patient later after she watched me grab the metal detector wand and start threatening people with it in the psych ER.

I used to be thin but symptomatic all the time. I was thin because I couldn’t eat because I felt people were trying to kill me.

We all try being off meds. We learn the hard way that leads to hospitalization…

So I think it’s better to be fat and happy.

I tell myself, I may not need Seroquel but I’ll just take it anyway to be easier for other people to live With Me!:sunglasses:


Diet works better than exercise to lose weight.

Consider eating low carb, low fat, high protein meals.

I am on a VLCD right now and lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks. I eat nonfat plain yogurt and broccoli.

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Fortunately for me a side effect of my sz is pacing…so much so that I pace 6.25 miles per day!

Keeps me stable at 170…a little overweight but I don’t appear so


If the meds have been working for you and not keeping you zombied or sleeping a lot, stay on the meds and diet. The first year on meds I gained like 60lbs - started the original atkins diet helped lose the weight. But then my dosage was increased by pdoc til I only slept-zombiefied and gaine that and more back.

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Problem: food tastes good.

The original Atkins not the new version, you can eat as much as you want but it is mostly meat, eggs and some veggies. I was eating about 3000+ calories a day and was able to lose 60 of the lbs I had gained in a month. Stay away from carbs - limit to 20g a day at most - I stayed at under 10 - no potatoes, bread, rice, mostly green veggies but all the meat and good fats you want! I actually loved the diet and felt better on it.

You don’t suffer from a lack of flavor! Real butter, real, healthy fats, and meats! example
Breakfast eat eggs and bacon or ham
snacks boiled eggs or chopped steak
lunch chicken and romaine lettuce with a gravy made from beef broth and heavy creme as dressing
snack more meat some cheese
dinner steak veggies, salad
snack real cheese crackers and bacon wrapped bell pepper slices

edited to add
I was diabetic, high cholerstol before atkins - after no longer either, stopped the atkins as it was to much for my mom to keep cooking it all gained weight again and back to being high cholesterol and pre-diabetic. Dr. Atkins was actually a heart doctor who started the diet for his patients with diabetes and high cholesterol.

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