Anyone here use melatonin?

I started using melatonin 3 days ago. I am using a dissolve kind and they work well if I let them dissolve I just swallowed them the second night and they didn’t work. I’m using only 1 mg but it works pretty well. So anyone else use melatonin?


I use a type of melatonin called razerim… it helped the first week but not any more… I take it at 11pm and don’t fall asleep till 3am…

I use melatonin and valerian, or else I don’t sleep.


I take 6 mg of melatonin to help me sleep every night before bed. It works like a charm.

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I do. It doesn’t help me sleep for some reason. I took 40mg yesterday and felt nothing

I took it for about a week but it started working less effectively and I couldn’t sleep as long as at first. I read if you use it consistently it loses it’s effectiveness and you end up relying on it. I may use it again but not unless it’s necessary. It did help my MI though. I’ve been using lemon balm and l-theanine instead for a while.

I take 1 mg. Bigger doses hurt my sleep.
Still need meds like Seroquel.

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I was using melatonin before I went on Trazodone. Melatonin made me feel tired whereas Trazodone makes me sleepy.

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It didn’t do much for me

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Yep, take 1 mg at night. I think it helps

I tried it and it didn’t do much for me and made my sleep less refreshing.

I’ve used melatonin in doses from 3mg to 300mg, I find my current meds stop it working, It used to work for me, it’s certainly not harmful I just find it useless as I take quetiapine for sleep / as an antipsychotic. If you can afford melatonin and it works by all means take it but don’t throw your money away expecting a miracle.

Sometimes I use Melatonin at 10mg. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

My preferred sleeping supps are 2g of Taurine and 1g of Niacin.

I take Melatonin 6 mg three hours before bedtime every night. It really helps me to sleep well. It takes three hours to get absorbed in your bloodstream.