Anyone here skinny

Awesome keep it up @Aziz


Don’t weigh yourself every day. Your weight fluctuates day to day by about two lbs. it will go up and down. Check once a week and it will save you a lot of stress.


Despite my username, I am not skinny. I am normal weight.

Lately, I have been feeling very bloated and full after and whenever I eat. This has really cut down on the amount I eat. It hasn’t translated into pounds lost yet however.

I have a phone appointment with my GP very soon.

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I had a good skinny weight of 52 kg for a few months with my x.
Most of the time with him I was stable 55 kg.

I’m 160 Cm

My heaviest was probably around 80 kg.

I am about four kg over the weight I want now and today it could be more as my stomach is huge sticking out more than my boobs.

I’ve lost 40 lbs since the lockdown and I am still obese.

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I’ve always been skinny and even underweight. At one time my BMI was 18. It’s in my genetics - my mom is tall and skinny too.

Since I’ve been on meds though, I’ve gone to normal weight. I think my BMI is now 20 or so.

Got a little belly fat now but I think it’s the age too lol! I’m slowly approaching the 40’s (3 and a half years to go) :laughing:

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I’m roughly 105 pounds. You don’t want to be in my place. I’ve lost weight due to my genetic condition and will continue to lose weight as I atrophy.

What ap are you on

What ap are you on and how did you lose from 80kg to your current weight

I’m on Haldol 15151515

I am currently on latuda.

I was on olanzapine,risperdal and others before.

I have been on and off medication for over twenty years.
Staying on meds now.

Last big weight loss was from 74 kg to 64 kg through medication change and using light and easy.
Then from 64 kg to 52 kg and then 55 kg cooking own food with x.

When I was 80 kg I lost it when I stopped medication.

I’m probably 59 kg now.
Want to loose four stubborn kg.

I recently went from 55 kg to 64 kg when I went vegan then managed this year to get back to 56 kg then put on a few kg again unfortunately.

When I was 52 kg I remember only having a weight watcher bar for lunch and nothing else and controlling the portion size at dinner.
I was very disciplined.

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I just measure my waist to track how I’m doing. It fluctuates much less and I’m less likely to get obsessed with such things as % body fat etc as a result.

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I used to be. I didn’t have much of an appetite and took a few small bites of things and not be hungry.

I weigh 67kg and I am 1; 67m, I accumulated all the fat in my belly, my ex-boyfriend always laughed at my belly so I had abdominal liposuction, it was a painful procedure but I was tired of my belly

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I’m not anywhere close yet, but I’m workin’ on it.


I wanna lose weight… I binged last night though… not good

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I am 6.1, 185 lbs, so not to bad for my age, i would like to be 175


Wish I could afford that or a tummy tuck.

Would love to have a tummy tuck and facelift but can’t afford it.

Im a personal trainer and i have the answer to your problem. Start walking !!! Walk 3 times daily for a hour. Drink plenty of water and eat what you want within reason. Make this your new lifestyle! Your body will go down in weight until you eventually hit your perfect size. Really wish you the best of luck


Have been physically active and overweight all 6 years I’ve been on ap meds. If you are underweight or normal weight you’re blessed.