Anyone here skinny

i am always obese
i am trying to imagine if i will be fast most of time and no longer need to eat
at this time i see food and dont want to eat
i no longer rush to eat
i will be get used to fasting (intermittent fasting))
i become skinny and love my life and love myself
anyone of you managed to do this ?


I’m obese but since May I’ve lost 53 pounds. I want to be thin. I’m sick of being fat. I’m working out 5 days a week and eating 1200 calories a day.


Are you still on a plateau @ZmaGal?

Not skinny but lost 23lb. Was 295lb 2 months ago, now 272lb.


I lost 2 more pounds as of yesterday, and then today I gained a pound. So I’m still a little in a plateau


I am 71 kilos now and 5 foot 9 inches tall

My BMI I did yesterday was 23.

In January of this year I was 96 kilos, and my BMI was 31 I think.

It has been good to lose weight, but I am turning into a runt again, and I need to have muscles for my job


I am 3kg overweight with a BMI hovering around 26.1. I am only 5ft 6 though. The elusive last bit to go won’t shift.

I can’t complain too much though. I am not in too bad a shape.


I’m 6’3 and 300lbs I’m far from skinny.

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yeah im a little underweight, but still have a small belly, i lose all the weight off my legs and arms, but my lower belly fat stays there. i was surprised how much weight i lost, i started eating less and then over a few months i lost 30 pounds, was 165 (75kg) pounds last year and now am 135 (61kg)pounds. i need to put on 15 pounds of muscle to get to my ideal weight 150 pounds (68kg). it’s easy for me to gain weight on meds, although i have to force myself to eat, as i don’t have much appetite anymore.


I’m 6’0" and weighed 247lbs at the doctor’s office last Wednesday. My BMI was 33.5. I want to get it down to the normal range of 18.5-24.9. I think that’s losing another 50lbs.

I was skinny in 2015, I weighed 135lbs and I was drinking 3 bottles of Ensure a day with my meals.
I’ve gained 40lbs since then.

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That was my weight before my first psychosis.

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I currently weigh 235 pounds at 5’6 in height. I need to lose weight.

I’ve always been skinny and I lost even more weight on Latuda.

im 6’3 215lbs . im fairly active.

I weigh 185 and want to lose 15 more pounds…I am 5’-8"

I was underweight but now it seems like I’m at my right weight. I could probably loose some belly… but not too much…

I used to be skinny before the APs. Now I’m overweight. That’s one reason why I’ve tried to get off the APs before.

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Yea I’m skinny.

I’m 6’3 and 100 kgs at the moment. All my young adult life I’ve been around 70-75 kg. But the last year or so I’ve really packed it on. Wanna get back to 75. I like being skinny af

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