Anyone here have a good relationship with their case manager?

Whether it be a nurse, OT, SW, etc.

I see a Social Worker. The outpatient program/hospital he’s part of is really good and they really try their best to accommodate you.

I guess that’s one of the perks of living in a big city, or at least where I live.

I’m really grateful for their services.


Yes, I have a good relationship with my mental health team.

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No. They didnt do a single thing to help me. I dumped them. I am now without a psychiatrist or nurse and there is no difference.

I have a pretty good relationship with my Case Manager.
She takes me to my doctor appointments and sometimes takes me food shopping.
She is pretty cool.

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Not sure I even have a ‘case manager’ though I don’t know why. I need all the help I can get.

I have a great relationship with my GP. I see him more then my therapist and tell him everything that’s happening to me (might be a little irritating for him I suppose)

I feel like he has a better understanding with mental health then previous doctors I’ve seen. He had a teenage daughter who committed suicide and he went kinda crazy and had to stop working for a few years.

I haven’t talked to him about it however I feel like he cares for me because of this. Maybe if he didn’t have to deal with the death of his child and subsequently depression and the works, he wouldn’t be as understanding about mental health as he is.


I have a great relationship with my mental health team.


Nope i hope they both choke

I don’t think we have case managers unless the nurse would be considered that. I would call the nurse if I had a problem or a special need, is that what you mean?

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After my previous moan asking whether i should complain about my Social worker, things have improved significantly - it seems he just doesnt have the time to accomodate my needs so hes referrered me for 6 hours care each week from a specialist mental health care agency.

I take it all back- Hes done wonders the past couple of days and i also get 2 hours phone support a week. It seems he wasnt so bad after all and i finally feel “helped out” at last.


I dont even know what a case manager is.

Yes. She is nice. We get along and she works with me not against me. Works with me as much as possible.

She tries to motivate me as much as possible. Sometimes I feel she only wants to hear positive things and not the tough stuff I’m going through. But she has really been here through the tough times.

They don’t have it easy. They are over stretched so I recognise that.

Overall it’s good.


I think anyone on your mental health team could count as well so yes. I’m just used to calling my workers case managers because that’s how they introduce themselves.

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I’ve been really happy in the past when I’ve had urgent matters regarding symptoms or problems with my meds that the registered nurses knew just what to do to help me. They’ve been able to get me in right away to talk to the tele-meds nurse practitioner and I’ve not had to go to ER in a long time. When I used to see an actual Psychiatrist it was awful, they always seemed so stiff and uncaring. If I missed my appointment they would just cut off my meds. What sense does that make? When you’re struggling is not the time to cut off meds. I feel so much better cared for and listened to by the nurses.

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Some MH organizations or charities have workers called case managers. What they do depends, but for example my outpatient program assigns either an occupational therapist, social worker or a nurse, depending on the needs of the clients.

My social worker helps with connecting me to services in the community like foodbanks, groups, additional counselling, etc. He also helps me work on goals like going back to school. Other “case managers” can even help folks with day to day activities like grocery shopping, going for walks, even offering rides to appointments and stuff.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about people and the care they receive from these workers.

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sounds good and helpful. we don’t have such things here.

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When I had Medicaid I had a case manager who was great. I really was bummed when she changed jobs. Then I got another case manager who was great too. They’re very helpful for getting the extra needed services that I no longer qualify for now that I don’t have medicaid

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I have had a multitude of help. I’m grateful for all of it.

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