Does anybody else feel cured?

i feel cured. voices are gone, paranoia is gone, racing thoughts are gone, just some motivation problems is all i have left.

will continue to take meds though, but things are looking up for me. hopefully i will be working soon.


Today i feel cured and 0.5mg haldol is enough, not even needed. I dont have delusions or anxiety. I feel sad about my situation, but completely normal.

I know though last week i was extremely depressed, irritable and i wanted to die and thought i might need more meds (antidepressant). I know this will return when my next period comes.

I hope menopause will being relief one day.


And great that you feel so good!!!

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Sometimes I feel cured but then symptoms show up again and I realize that I’m schizophrenic


Not really. Feel better sometimes. More calm and relaxed with meds.

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I am stable and well at the moment.

I have not had positives for a long time thankfully.

I have had relapses though and know I am sensitive so I need to live stress and drama free as possible and avoid people that are trouble.

I was off medication and had a relapse and was hospitalised.

I have had a few relapses.

Hope I never get it that bad ever again.

I decided to stay on my medication because it took my delusions away and I believe helps keep me stable.

I get a bit hated by some but not at all as bad as it was in Sweden you couldn’t get more hated and disrespected than I was.


I don’t feel cured during the day but improve as the day goes on. As the time to go to sleep comes I’ve often felt “cured”. So yeah. Bad start to my days and a good end normally.

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