Is there anyone here who had fully recovered from SZ?

I’m looking for someone who may say that he/she has given up medication and leads a normal life, using only psychotherapy. A long time ago I read a book by some Norwegian woman, who claims that she was able to give up medication, and who says that she functions properly on therapy only. Can’t find the book right now, but I think the author may be Arnhild Lauveng. Just the title of the book in my native language changed.

Dr. Carol North had Schizophrenia and somehow got so well that she went to Medical School and became a Psychiatrist.
I’m reading her book on that. Started a day ago.

could you type me the title of the book? Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Silence
by Carol North

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Thank U :slight_smile: I’ll look for it tomorrow.

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i’m in remission 6 years now, ive no syptoms of sza, I feel very well everyday, I feel I will never have another break down

I know why I broke down the triggers

Are you on meds though?

yes I take meds, but with no syptoms

I did. I was misdiagnosed with amphetamine psychosis because I was experiencing auditory hallucinations for 6 months and recovered with the help of risperidone. What I actually had then was latent schizophrenia. Ten years later I blew my second chance by taking amphetamines and now I have active schizophrenia again. If you discover a way to make it go away again do tell me.

How do we know if we’re fully recovered?

Most of people don’t recover…!!!

Have had a few internet friends posting they have recovered and taken of meds. They have always been sensible and worked extremely hard to get to recovery. Is also a member here that comes back and posts every now and then what he’s up and just checking with us all but has recovered. Have forgotten his name and is one of the old board members which is before my time here.

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