Negative symptoms creeping back, thankful for what i got

The past couple of weeks I had a dramatic return of emotion compared to what I was like for the past several years, I thought I was going into remission finally. I could finally feel emotion again. Today the emotional blunting and anhedonia to a lesser extent started creeping back. Hopefully, I will have more periods of recovery like the one I just had in the future, I was finally feeling all the happiness fullness and contentment which I had never had for the past several years. Negative symptoms are a bitch.

Edit: And no, negative symptoms isn’t “Oh, I forget to take showers, I have negative symptoms”. Thats bs, Negative symptoms are real limiting reductions in emotional and hedonic experience and motivation, not some kind of pity club. Or just another reason to raise your hand and get recognized. Some of us are out here really struggling, unfortunately a few people who have it easy tend to take it lightly. Sz is a spectrum, so for me what might be hell is a walk in the park for you. For me, sz is my own personal hell…

MY question is, how often have you experienced periods of remission from negative symptoms. How long did they last? Has anyone achieved a lasting remission from negative symptoms? If so please tell me.

I am so sry getting use to and adjusting meds is hard work.